Month: May 2010

Just Another Post

public enum DayType

public string FindResult(DayType dayType)
     string result = null;
     string b = “Time”;
     string i = “Is”;
     string r = “Wasting”;
     string t = “It”;
     string h = “Relax”;
     string d = “Enough”;
     string a = “Letter”;
     string y = “Lucky”;
     switch (dayType)
          case DayType.RegularDay:
               result = String.Concat(d,” “, b, ” “, r);
          case DayType.Holiday:
               result = String.Concat(b, ” “, DateTime.Today, “: “, h);
          case DayType.Birthday:
               result = String.Concat(y, ” “, a, ” “, i, “: ” , d.Substring(2,1));
    return result;


Travel Thursday – The Travel Contest

To come up with my favorite five of all the travel pictures I have is next to impossible. I have gone back and forth so many times..picking one and then the other.. And still am not sure about these as the final five. Can I not put more than 5? Rules to break and all that. I almost asked for all of your help to vote and let me know which ones you liked. Make my selection process a little easier, but was not sure if that would be against the rules, so here goes.

I have visited a lot of mountains, stood on a lot of snow cover, seen my good share of glaciers but nothing comes close to the Glacier Cruise we did in Alaska. And the high point was definitely when the boat stopped in front of this majestic glacier meeting the sea. The shear untouched beauty of it..the more blue than white iced up snow..the jagged column like formations. As we took in the beauty, silence descended on the boat. Awe inspiring does not even cover the feeling during those moments. The big rumble that was heard which had everyone’s attention. And the big chunk of ice that broke off from one of the columns to fall into the sea. A reminder that this was in fact a living, moving glacier.

To be able to see a predator in the wild is more than what one can ask for, but to see one charge after a pray..albeit a small rodent, is not something I would have ever hoped for. And to live to capture the sight and talk about it. This has to be one of my all time favorite travel tale to tell. I still get goose-bumps every time I think back at the speed with which this male Bear charged after the pray. And can’t help being glad that I was not the one he was running after. More images from the same set can be viewed here.

I love nature untouched. Nature that you can look at without having to hurry up because someone else wants to take your spot and capture the same picture, or while on a hike to walk on without gazing at nature around. So this hike taken while the snow was sometimes knee-high was an amazing, stratifying experience for me. There was no one, but us. Our tracks the only tracks in the snow. This picture I like particularly because of the shadows that the trees cast against the pristine white snow. The entire hike was around playing peek-a-boo with frozen lake and the trees. And this pictures captures the essence of the hike.

An empty beach is difficult to find, so we really lucked out on this one. But what gives character to the beach is this sea stack. Standing tall against the crashing waves. The contrast of colors with the water and its waves, the clear blue skies, the brown sand, and the yellow sea stack made this place postcard worthy.

Through all my flying in and out of airports, I always prefer the window seat. Because I love to look out, see the terrain as we fly over head. The glittering city with all its lights at night, the rambling hills, the snaking around rivers, the snow-capped mountains. But taking off or landing at sunset is a sight so different from any other. I love the sunset but this one is so different from any that one usually gets to see. The striking colors, the almost curve of the earth, looking into the horizon which seems to go on and on. A realization of how small we are..and how amazing nature is..and how blessed we are to be able to see it, if we take the time to look around.

PS: This is my entry for BlogAdda Travel Photo challenge

PPS: Thanks to CB for letting me know about this challenge

Head held high

Summer is here, so out came the sunglasses. What fascination they hold for Buzz. She giggles endlessly when she sees us wearing them. Tries her pointing..smiling..being cute (oh and she knows the effect her being cute has and has starting using that..fake cute..I tell you) to get hold of them.

While cleaning, this past week, I came across a pair of broken sunglasses, where one arm is missing. I gave them over to her, to see what she make of them. Literally snatching them out of my hand, she promptly placed it on top of her head just the way I do (hair-band style), when I get out of the sun. With on arm missing and the sunglasses too wide for her, they would not stay put. So she held them with one hand and walked around like that..all the time..and the smile did not leave her face. The pride was something to watch.

D can in, saw this, took the sunglasses from her, placed them on her nose. They fell down immediately. He picked them up and placed them back on her nose with instructions.

Buzz munh upper rakhna

all the while showing her how to balance the glasses on her nose, tipping her head up.

Oh baby, the sunglasses are now glued to her face. The head..err nose is held high. Walk around like one of those snooty babes. Only difference is the big grin on the face which has us cracking up non-stop.

Perfect way to spend the weekend, with lots of laughs and smiles 😀

The other arm has now been broken as well. Makes for much easier handling..placing on the nose.

B for ball

Anything  round is a ball. Let me correct that..anything sphereish is 3-D is a ball. Anything roundish in 2-D is a ball.

So yesterday we are looking at a picture book. A picture of  bunch of balloons.

Buzz: Baaalll
Comfy: Nahein bachee.. Balloon
Buzz: Ball
Comfy: Balloon
****************** Continues for some time ******************
Comfy: Buzz bool Balloon
Buzz: Baboon

And as I crack up..chants of baboon are heard all over the house.. from a play thing to an animal in 3 easy steps 😀 😀

Travel Thursday – The Lake next door

Nothing much to write here.. This was our Sunday evening. Sitting and watching the sun go down on a lake about 10 mins drive from home.

Setting sun
Another angle
Houses all lit up
The Wait

This has been our place to visit on a beautiful..nothing to do..evening..night. The beauty of it all..there is something very calming about it..which makes us feel the love..even when the place is bustling with crowd.


Climb on..

The past couple of weeks has been all about climbing..Chairs of the dining table..the couch..the bed..the rocking chair..the stairs.. Attempts are on to climb in to the crib..the bath tub..the kitchen platform..the table.

In short it is about conquering what the adults can do and the little person can’t get to. So a daily scene in the house is: Trying to climb something. Even if there is support to put a foot a little higher (like the bottom rail in the chair), that is not to be used. The knee is put on the seat which is the final destination of the climb. Hands stretched out wide in order to hold on to anything that can be held. If the seat is not too high then hang and use some brute force to climb rest of the way up. Then sit on the seat, back against the back rest. Mighty pleased with self.

If the seat is too high.. dangle in the air.. try for a bit.. continue to hang on.. scream at top of the lungs to either be helped down or pulled up. If pulled up..back against the back rest. Mighty pleased with self. If helped down..Repeat.

End result – end up on the seat. Back against the back rest. Mighty pleased with self.

But..but that is not enough is it? So stand up on whatever has been climbed and conquered. Jump with joy. Don’t pay attention to where the feet land. So inevitably land on the backside with a big thud.

Final result – come crying to Maa/Paa, rubbing whatever body part is hurt. Stop crying only when Maa/Paa rub the same part for you..telling you It’s OK

This obsession of climbing is not going anywhere is it? I knew it. Better work on nerve strengthening.. Sigh

PS: While rock climbing, the person doing the climb calls out ‘Climbing’. The person belaying calls out ‘Climb on’. So that both are prepared with all equipment in place to start the climb safely.