Travel Thursday – Sea Stacks, Oregon Coast

Oregon coast is famous for its shore line..and the amazing Sea Stacks that litter it. Having heard from friends, seen them on travel channel shows, and reading about them in books..we zeroed down on a road trip along Oregon coast one summer long weekend.

The drive amazing..with sun, sand, water, grass and Sea Stack aplenty..the going was slow..stops clicked..too many to count.

Sea Stacks

We finally stopped at this campground for the night, in the middle of nowhere. Miles away from any town or even a grocery store. Having gotten there late, we pitched out tent, quickly made dinner and called it a day (..night??). Next morning, as we made our way around to the camp, with D’s plan for taking Wind Surfing lessons at a Lake near by, we got talking to the camp host of other places to visit around. We were told about this Lighthouse that was a must visit, some 20 mins drive from the campground. Now snooty people that we are, Lighthouse is definitely not a place to visit. But the campground host said we would not be sorry. We did not actually have to visit the Lighthouse. That was just the easiest way to find the place that he thought was a place to visit.
Keeping that in mind and trusting his word, after D was done with his lessons for the day, while I spend an amazing day in the Sauna with a good book, we made our way to the Lighthouse. A non-descript country road dwindling into a dirt road and no view to say the least, we kept debating about turning back, when the lighthouse came in sight. And as we took the final turn, this is the view saw.

The one visited

We could not scramble out of the car fast enough. A quick 2 minute run down the path to the beach and we were in Paradise. No one and I mean no one is sight. An empty, waiting for us, beach with it’s single Sea Stack. The roar of the sea, the waves crashing on the rocks before it came up to greet us.

Wave about to crash
Flowing over

We spend a very peaceful hour or so walking the beach, enjoying the precious gift the campground host had given us, clicking pictures, taking everything in. But we kept returning to the Stack, because it is what gave the beach the extra touch of character, the breathtaking beauty, that kept us spell bound.

Up close

Oh if you are wondering about the Lighthouse, no we did not visit it and the only picture I can find of it is very blur bad picture. And yes we are snooty like that.. 😛 😛

25 thoughts on “Travel Thursday – Sea Stacks, Oregon Coast

    1. oh o! Not able to see the pics 😦 But read the story line and whoa…sounds a bit scary too 🙂 But all in all total fun Comfy 🙂 Will come back for pics…

      1. heheh Yeah I went finally..T also posted at the same time and got chatting on her post 🙂

        I got to see the pics today 🙂 The crash one is lovely Comfy..and the series actually makes it appear real on screen too !

        Right,it’s not scary !! FUNN 🙂

  1. awesome, as always the pics of the waves.

    how often do you travel anyway? you have so many stories to share every week…and make me jealous 🙂

    1. We have been at it a while T 🙂 We use to make it a point to travel every long weekend.

      And then I only blog about a couple of hours out of the entire trip at a time.. increases the number of stories 😛 😛

      Glad you liked the pics.. 🙂

  2. Lovely as always. Has this been desi beach; you could have seen ❤ and names carved on the stone 😆
    Forget desi beaches ; I got to see people writing their names in some place in Swiss. 😀 😀
    and there is something very very nice about lonely beaches.

    1. Sad but true 🙂

      I see it here too..but not nearly as much as in India..but the best I liked was in Hawaii.. were people wrote messages on hill sides by placing small rocks.. That was so cool and not leaving a permanent mark 🙂

  3. Wow! fantastic capture of the waves crashing and then the water flowing over 🙂

    The pictures of the lone standing rock reminded me of the 12 Apostles at the Great Ocean Drive in Victoria (Australia).

    Beaches can be real fun especially when they aren’t crowded like this one 😀

    You seem to have conquered all elements in your travelogues so far….that’s awesome 😀

  4. *scratching my bald head*

    Where is the lighthouse?

    Is there supposed to be one in these pictures?

    *Where the hell did I keep my glasses?*

  5. Awesome pics yet again Comfy. I wait for ur Travel Thursdays u know … loved the pics of the roaring waves 🙂 Paradise for sure 🙂

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