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Singing Saturday – Teri yaad saath hei


Ashk chalakte nahien,
Lafj jubaan per aate nahein,
Muskuraate hein honth,
Nazareein magar chamakti nahein.

Yaadoin ko samete,
Chalte jaana hei aage,
Bematlab hei mudkar dekhna,
Kadam magar aage badhte nahein.

Naa jaane kya hei likha,
Naa jaane kya hoga aage,
Samay ko hei chalte jaana,
Dil ke eak dhadkan jo ruki magar, ab chal paati nahein.

Eak aawaaz goonjti hei,
Mastishk ki gehraayiyoin mein,
Dhundti hei tumhein dhundali parchayioin mein,
Tum jo gaye magar, laut kar aate nahein.

Chai ke liye jaise toast hota hei..

..vaise har eak friend zaroori hota hei.

You have all seen this ad, have you not? And have all smiled and nodded along, have you not? And walked down memory lane remembering all the friends who fit in to these various categories, have you not?

For me I walked back to my college days, remembered, smiled at a few, laughed at more than a few, frowned at a few, missed so many and got all nostalgic. So now I capture some of these precious moments in words and hence making sure they are never lost in the sands of time.

Koyi subah paanch baje neend se jagaye:

Uthja, kuch padhle, nahein to exam mein kya hoga tera?

This was how I woke up almost for every exam through the four years of college.

Koyi raat ko teen baje jaan bachaye:

Wardi aa rahi hei!

the call would go out which meant all heaters had to be hidden before the hostel warden got a hold of them and took them away. And if such a thing happened how would we live through the 0 degree C frigid winters?

Ek teri kadki mein sharing kare:

One of those long weekends when all students who lived close by headed home, leaving a handful of us behind. End of the month when money was always tight but fed up of the minimally running hostel mess with its horrible food, 3 girls got out all the money they had. The aim was to get to Rs 100. Rs 2 short they begged someone to lend them the same. Rs 100 complete they walked 4 kms to get to a restaurant (this was food money after all, could not be spent on a rickshaw). One paneer sabzi, one plate rice, one naan. Feast it was with the final bill of Rs 99. 4 Kms walk back, but the smile on their face for having had good food after forever was something to behold.

Aur eak tere budget mein sneak in kare:

We the ‘weekend stay backers’ as we were called because we stayed far far from home and could not run home every weekend were always careful about saving money. We did not have the luxury of getting our funds replenished every week. Money came at the start of every month, after which the mess fee and the electric bill and all the stationary buying happened. By 5th of the month, it was back to watching every Rupee that we had. I was famous for saving money and having a decent amount left at the end of the month. Which meant my wallet was the most wanted thing in the last 5 or so days of the month. And yeah they made sure their kadki turned in to my kadki as well. Height of sharing, me thinks. 😀

Koi nature se guest, koi host hota hei:

Third year, I was the part of the lucky four in our batch who got a room on the ground floor. Lucky because the ground floor rooms where always cool (er) than the ones on the first floor during the melting summer heat and warm (er) than the ones on the first floor during the bone chilling winter. Which meant anytime of the day or night there was someone sleeping on my bed trying to catch a break from the heat or the cold.

On the same lines there were a few rooms always open for the likes of me (whose bed was already taken) to go study or sleep or just hang out in.

Par har eak friend zaroori hota hei.

Eak ghadi ghadi kaam aaye per kabhi kabhi call kare:

I had two main friends. When I was not living in the first ones house (her dad was a prof. in college and they stayed on campus), I was found in the other ones room. Yeah my ‘ghadi ghadi kaam aaye’ friends. I was never far so they never called me. See check on ‘kabhi kabhi call kare’.

Eak kabhi kabhi kaam aaye per ghadi ghadi call kare:

Oh yeah, I had these kinds too. Always dropping in, wanting help for this, wanting to talk about that, always something to sort out and one of the first people to go missing any time I needed help of any kind.

Gossip ka koi ghoomta phirta satellite:

We called her BBC and did she know everything that was going on or what? 😀 Who liked whom, who finally said yes to a certain guy, who got how many marks, who was struggling with what subject, who was seen outside a certain prof’s office trying to maska maroofy, who bunked what class to go watch which movie. BBC knew it all and she being the nicest person in the hostel helped big time. 

Koi saath rahe to karde sab alright:

My go to person for all problems big or small. Just being around her would calm me down and make me look at things from a different angle.

Koi effortless, koi forced hota hei:

A trip from the bus-stand to the hostel one Monday morning, a couple of shared smiles during the initial ragging days and we were friends. Effortless indeed.

The stopping by the girls hostel in the names of getting notes. The making up reasons to celebrate so that the girls could go out for lunch with them. So very forced. 😀

Lekin har eak friend zaroori hota hei.

Chat room friend:

The first and only chat room friend (for the longest time) – D

Koi class room friend:

The ones who made sure the bench N and I loved to sit on was left empty any time we were late for class.

Koi bike pe race wala vroom-vroom friend:

Never really race because a Luna, a Scotty or a Kinetic was never much competition against a Yamaha or a Bullet but a few rides to remember including one where I was stopped in the middle of the drive and was screamed at for not driving carefully enough. Over protective guy friends 🙄

Shopping mall wala shopping friend:

She had the best dress sense amongst all of us, plus she was a local so she knew exactly what to buy, where. Where the sales were. Where one could get the perfect cloth for a salwar kameez to go with the dupatta you got as a gift. Where to go to get a particular style of salwar kameez stitched. And most importantly what style to get it stitched in.

Koi exam hall wala copying friend:

He was the roll number before mine. About 30 minutes before the exam got over he would move his fingers to his back and sign a question number. If I gave a sign back it meant I had attempted that question. Then would start a series of signs where he verified that his result matched mine. This was of course for numerical questions.

Movie buddy:

N, how many movies did we watch together? Do we even have a count?

Groovy buddy:

Aah my dancing partner. Every festival we were seen living it up. 🙂

Hi buddy:

Too many to count.

Bye buddy:

Same as above.

Joke buddy:

We were rehearsing for an event before we headed to BITs Pillani for their college fest. And at exact same point we would burst out laughing much to the irritation of everyone else. We managed to get by with only smiles when we got on the stage but the jokes continued way past the actual show.

Poke buddy:

Oh the love-hate relationship or was it hate-hate? Always on each other’s case, masking it behind smiles of course.

Gaana buddy:

The one person who could abide by my donkey braying voice and who joined in to help me through the difficult parts.

Shaana buddy:

Miss Smart mouth! Oh she was amazing to be with. 😀

Chaddi buddy: to this one, I must say. At least not in college.

Yaar buddy:

Kya yaar!

Yaar aaj to bacch gaye.

Oye yaar, help kar de na?

With a few people, I don’t think any sentence was complete without yaar in it. 🙂

Kutte.. kaminey..

Not Kutte..kaminey but yeah the special names for some extra special friends. 😀

Everybody..sab buddy


gin gin ke naam bheja roast hota hei

par har eat friend zaroori hota hei.

Yup every friend is important because they teach you something new just by being part of your life. Because they enrich your life in their own special way. Because just by being around they give you million and more memories to carry with you, even when you have not met them in years.

Gayatri Mantra

O thou existence Absolute, Creator of the three dimensions: gross, subtle, and causal.. we contemplate upon thy divine light. Pray stimulate our intellect and bestow upon us true knowledge.

The one mantra/prayer I know.

The only one that has called to me all my life.

The one thing that calms me down and brings peace to my mind these days. With every repetition I find myself less and less agitated. I haven’t gotten to the point where I can chant it on my own without thoughts seeping in slowly and taking over completely but I try everyday. Till then listening to the calming words helps.

I wish I had it in a WMA or MP3 format so that I could load it up on my phone. But till I am online YouTube helps.

Singing Saturday – Deewaroin se

Because sometimes you feel lonely amongst friends..  shyaam dhale is soone ghar mein mella lagta hei.
Because sometimes sadness takes over like nothing else..  shabnam ka katra bhi jinko dariya lagta hei.
Because sometimes you can’t find your way out.. sheeshmehal mein eak eak chehra apna lagta hei.
Because sometimes deewar is the only way to go.. deewaroin se milkar rona achha lagta hei.

Because I am in this kind of a mood..
Because I don’t even know why..
Because I love this song no matter what..
Because listening to it for some reason soothes the crying heart.