Month: June 2012

Math, logic and all that fun stuff

Buzz got an activity book as a return gift. Soon after we got home, I put it in a closet and forgot all about it (did not mean to, it just so happened).

Buzz found it in one of her explorations and took it to D. The dad in D got all excited and started going through various pages with her. There was who is longest, shortest, tallest, smallest. There was count the trees, flowers, clouds, bees. There was match the items. And then came addition.

I looked up from my cooking and said, ‘Really, addition? Is she not too little?’ ‘She will be just fine’, came the reply. I left it at that. Who has the time to argue after all?

Concepts were explained and repeated a few times over. Then came the question:

D: What is 1 + 1
Buzz: 11

Look on his face: Priceless

Me: I was on the floor laughing.


In the chaos that is my life, my office is my haven. My office is where the inherent need for order part of my soul gets satisfied. When marriage happened, a careless about what goes where husband happened, fights happened, understanding the uselessness of fights happened, Buzz happened, toys all over the place happened, stubborn refusal to pick up the toys by the little hurricane happened. More and more my small office became the one place where order reigned supreme and calmed me down enough to live with the complete disorder at home.

Life and its never-ending changes means Bugz came by. Life went from crazy to over the top cuckoo. Work hours got further reduced, which of course did not mean work load reduced. It just meant, I put my head down and worked non-stop from the minute I came to work, till it was time to head home. Who had time to see what the office was like. The basic order was there, but somewhere papers started to pile, old, useless sticky notes started to grow, dust started to make home in the back corner of the desk. Happiness quotient dwindled with each passing day.

Work people decided that more change was needed. Awesome planning, reorgs, need to have teams closer together or some such. All it meant was everything needed to be packed in boxes and moved to a different location. In my crazy busy life, I did not even go look at my new office before the move happened. I heard people crib about the new space, but I figured I would deal with it once I got there.

Thursday morning, I walked in to my new office and went it to a total slump. From a beautiful view when I looked out of the window (which I had not in a while, but still I could if I wanted to), I now was looking at concrete floor and a glass wall some 6 feet away. Added to it I had a giant structural column in one corner of my office. The already limited space got shrunk further. I was so disheartened that I refused to take any of my things out of their boxes. They could stay there for all I cared.

The doom and gloom I guess showed enough that my friend pulled me out of my office to take me shopping. Shopping for little plants to brighten my office, that is. Plants for all thumbs and none of them green me? I walked from one plant to another, the practical me taking note of what could work, when a glimpse of one leaf caught my eye. I ran to it and I had exactly what I wanted. Once my base plant was selected, we narrowed down on two more small ones to balance things out and I smiled for the first time that day.

Three plants on the window sill and I could not wait to add my things to the mix and make the office my own. It took me a couple of days to unpack and set my office just right. A couple of creepers got added in vases and I am smiling ear to ear. I turn around and take in my office every now and then. As I walk out for the day, I glance at it all and smile. I walk in every morning and the sense of calm comes back. My haven is back and so is another reason to be happy.