Month: October 2010

Singing Saturday – Zindagi Kaisi Hai

A movie I can never watch without the eyes brimming up and the heart heavy


A song about life. Life with its ups and downs. Life with smiles and tears. Life with unbound happiness and soul deep sorrow. Life with all its present uncertainties and lessons when looked back on. Life..

Kabhi dekho mann nahi jaage peechhe peechhe sapno ke bhaage
Ek din sapno ka raahi chalaa jaaye sapno ke aage kaha

Where we forget to listen to our heart while we are busy running behind some dream. Where one day we get to that dream only to realize it was not really what we were looking for. Life..

Jinhone sajaaye yaha mele sukh-dukh sang-sang jhele
Wahi chunkar khaamoshi yu chali jaaye akele kaha

Where we share our happiness and sorrow with people we care for. Where some days we pick silence above all else and decide to walk all alone. Life..


A song with an opening scene which always brings nostalgia along. How many wonderful memories do I have around these multi-colored, yellow & red balloons. How I miss those days.


PS: The words in the song don’t exactly mean as I have then above. This is how I am interpreting them today.

Tataie watching

One of the first words Buzz said besides the customary Maa, Paa was Tataie. Since the first time she saw a picture of a butterfly in one of her books she has been fascinating. From all the pictures on a page, tataie is the first thing that she points to. And tataie is what she points to every other minute.

We got to know about a ‘Tropical Butterfly House’ exhibit from some friends. Promptly plans were made to visit. We could not wait to see how Buzz reacted to seeing real, vibrant, flying tataies.

Fighting traffic, struggling with parking, we got there. We stepped in to a small, dark room with doors on both sides and smell of tropical flowers strong. All of it made Buzz really uncomfortable and had her scrambling to be picked up. With D holding her we stepped through the next set of doors in to the Butterfly house. He walked to a red and black butterfly, talking to Buzz all the time. The minute it registered what she was looking at, she wanted down. There was no stopping her. She clapped, she ran, she laughed, she pointed, she chanted

‘Hi Tataie’..’Bye Tataie’.

I was on camera duty while D followed Buzz around. There was this beautiful Blue/Grey butterfly that I was trying to capture, when I saw a wing flutter from the corner of my eye. My right arm became the landing spot for one beautiful butterfly. All excited, I headed to where D and Buzz where. While D took the camera from my hand to take pictures, I bend down to let Buzz have a better view of the butterfly.

No tataie. Aaaa Daaaa

Demand to be held, crying for the tataie to go away followed. That was it. She wanted out of there with her Maa all to herself, much to her parent’s amusement.

The visit to Tataie house has been a while, but she still points to my arm every now and then, when talks of tataie come up. A fun day with beautiful, delicate, patterned, colored butterflies. 

Like daughter..

As I stand in the kitchen working on getting dinner ready, she comes screaming

 Cli, Cli

I look around trying to figure out what she wants. She stands below the counter top, pointing up.

Oh you want to sit up here?

Pick her up and make her sit on the counter top. Which is how I usually cook. With her sitting on one end of the kitchen counter,  banging on one of the pots..pulling on another, while I on the other end, chop vegetables..handle the stove. But today she looks at me funny. As if she is not too happy about the sitting up there. I have dinner on my mind, so don’t give it much of a thought as I get back to work.


As he stands in the kitchen making Tea, she goes running

Cli, Cli

He looks down at her with a huge smile on his face


gets down on his knees and holds his hands a little above the ground. She steps on to them. As she balances on one foot and raises the other high, he holds his other hand a little higher too, which she promptly steps foot on. On they go till she scrambles to the top. Smiles and claps follow.


I am working on cleaning up her toys from the floor, when she says


I take her to the window and show her the sky and trees and clouds, as she gives me this funny look.


D is standing doing some shoulder exercises and she goes up to him and says


He smiles lifts her up, holding her horizontal..belly down and swings her in circle, all the while saying


as she laughs non-stop


She is going to do all the adventure sports stuff he does..will she not.. Also I should ask him how those two play while I am not around, else she is going to figure out way sooner than I want her to that Maa is no fun at all..Sigh..

Singing Saturday – Aane Wala Pal

9th grade. Physics project. Friend and I decide to make a step-down transformer. Saturday afternoon at her place. After gorging on awesome Gujrati food her mom cooked, the TV is switched on for a few minutes before we get down to figuring out what the project entails. How did it all end?? Golmaal hei bhai sab Golmaal hei 😛 😛

A laugh riot of a movie, that had us on the floor with a stomach ache from the non-stop laughs.


About living life in the moment.

Ho sake to isme jindagi bitado, pal jo yeah jaane wala hei.


The ever-moving time.

Dekha to yahein hei, dhunda to nahein hei, pal jo yeah jaane wala hei


Where everything, be it it sorrow, is transient.

Thoda sa hansaake, thoda sa rulaake, pal yeah bhi jaane wala hei 


A beautiful song, with brilliant lyrics.



Hey People,

While Maa is busy with birthdays and baby showers and festival season and gifts to buy and house to clean and lights to put up.. my talk post is getting no importance at all. Just when I was ready to sulk and throw a fit, Akka came to my rescue. She helped me out by reading all the comments and telling me what everyone wrote. She even went and tallied things and came up with the maximum score.

2.5 out of 10 😮

Seeing my eyes well up with tears, Akka wrote down what I mean in a language that all of you understand. So here you go..all of you. Read, learn and remember, OK? Else how will I talk to all of you when we meet up? OK.

  1. Aicacker – Helicopter
  2. Shoom – Mushroom
  3. Mummay – Mermaid
  4. Staaw – Strawberry
  5. Pip – Bib
  6. Neow – Meow
  7. Seaha – Sea Horse
  8. Sunsee – Sunscreen
  9. Onae – Orange
  10. Bot – Robot

iTalk badge goes to Swaram, Chatterbox, BitsOfChocolate and Preethi

Yay.. all of you.

PS: A special mention to my special friend..Ms. Rays for pulling Maa’s leg through it all and making everyone laugh 😀

PPS: Is my Akka the bhest or what 😀

A new side..

We were having a usual morning. Scrambling to get ready. Getting out of the house without any mishaps..err meaning..hands in the pot and water all over..cereal bowl dumped on the gone missing.

hmm where was I.. Oh yeah..we were having a usual morning. Got to Buzz’s class at daycare. She ran with her usual speed to greet everyone around. Till she turned a corner and stopped. One of the kids in her class was not feeling well and was crying. One of their teacher was sitting next to him, soothing the little guy. Buzz took all of this in. Very quietly sat down next to her little friend and went on to pat him.

A very different side of her, a side I had never seen before. The care she showed, her gentle touch, the stillness for the ever-moving her.

I love you little one..and am very proud of you for this small little thing.

What did she say??

Buzz is all set to hold her end of a conversation now. She goes on and on in the perfect cadence of one having a conversation with a few words that actually makes sense thrown in the middle to keep Maa and Paa on their toes. When Maa/Paa give her a blank eyed look after her side of the dialog is done, she can be seen  shaking her head as in thinking to herself, ‘why did I have to get stuck with these two’.

Give this, how could I not share the love with all of you. It is time to daudaao dimaag ke ghode again and guess what Buzz means when she says:

  1. Aicacker
  2. Shoom
  3. Mummay
  4. Staaw
  5. Pip
  6. Neow
  7. Seaha
  8. Sunsee
  9. Onae
  10. Bot

Most correct answers wins the ‘Buzz Talk Pals‘ badge. So go on..ghode daudaaing..answer likhing.. 😀

PS: Sounding words out loud might help. Adding letter in the front or at the end might help. Thinking outside of what you see will definitely help  😛

Singing Saturday – Tujhese nazar

Song from a movie, which is the only movie based on a book that I can think of, that I like more than the book itself.

The one song I can listen to, non-stop, in a loop and never get enough of.

A song where every single word speaks to me

Tujhase naaraaz nahi zindagi, hairaan hoon main.
Tere masoom savalon se pareshaan hoon main.

Jeene ke liye socha hi nahein, dard sambhalane honge.
Muskuraoon to, muskurane ke karz utaarne honge.
Muskuraoon kabhi to lagata hai, jaise hontoin pe karz rakhaa hai.

Zindagi tere gum ne hamain rishte naye samajhaye.
Mile jo hamain dhoop main mile chhaanv ke thande saaye.

Aaj agar bhar ayi hai, boondein baras jaayengi.
Kal kya pata inke liye aakhen taras jayengi.
Jaane kahan gum hua, kahan khoya, ek aansu chhupake rakha tha.

My absolute..above all else..favorite song