Month: November 2010

History repeats..yes it does..

One cold, near freezing winter morning, a 3 year old boy sat with his 10 month old sister on a daybed in the balcony soaking in the sun while their Mom sat on a stool next to the bed. A balloon being the entertainment of the hour got thrown around amongst hoots of laughter. As is bound to happen with a balloon it fell down. The boy and the mom bend down to pick it up from under the bed. While the little girl in all her 10 month old glory thought the balloon fell down from the balcony, stood up on her tiny unsteady legs to peer down. Since the balloon was nowhere to be seen she leaned a little bit further. And as is bound to happen went flying down from the railing, to hit her head on the bicycle carrier and then on a manhole cover.
The frantic mom ran down the stairs. Amongst a loud wails and streaming tears the girl was picked up and rushed to the doctor. Somewhere during the rickshaw ride, between the house and the doctor’s office, the girl feel asleep in her mother’s arms. She was looked over by the doctor and send back home with the still in tears mom reassured that girl would be just fine. The big lump on the head will go away in a few days and there was no serious damage


One cold, snowy winter morning a toddler is getting ready to head out to daycare with her Maa and Paa. She wants her breakfast and is running circles around her parents. Wants to be picked up. Wants to be let alone to be able to run around. Wants to stand on the kitchen counter. Paa continues to ask her to slow down which she refuses to listen. In between trying to go from being held to get to the kitchen counter she jumps. As is bound to happen fell head first on the hardwood floor.
Frantic calls are made to the doctor, just as the cry changes to sobs and the sleep takes over.


While I was pregnant every time talk of names came up, the most common joke among us friends was ‘Name her Comfy V2.0*’ and add ‘SP1**, SP2 and so on with every major fixing up she will need’. Yeah yeah geeky jokes I know so don’t dare roll your eyes. As much as one jokes about these things as a parent they are never easy on you. And this was not even something major, more like a computer blue screen. But yeah history does repeat. I did it to Maa, Buzz went and did it to me. And going by what all I put Maa through, I have so much more of this coming my way. Need to get nerve of steel 😐

PS: She is doing fine. Running around. Playing. Talking non-stop. It is Maa who is all shook up.

* Version2.0
**Service Pack 1

As I hum..

Let it snow..let it snow..let it snow..

Buzz runs from window to window screaming

Sho fall

It’s a beautiful white Monday morning and I can’t help be happy. Have a wonderful Monday everyone 🙂

Singing Saturday – Itna na mujh se

Music that in parts sounds like a slow version of Mozart’s 40th Symphony

Words that evoke a beautiful image, when the guy calls himself a wandering cloud and the girl says she is flowing water. And the entire song revolves around the connection between cloud and water.

Love the the the song.

Mumma Oh no..

At the end of the day, about half an hour before her bed time, the two of us lie down on the couch and play our fav. game

Mose.. points to her nose

Mumma mose..point to my nose

Papa mose..points in D’s direction

Eyes..points to her eyes

Mumma eyes..pokes my eye..I have learned my leason to promptly close my eyes the min I spy the finger coming.

Papa eyes..

Jeebh..shows her tounge

Mumma jeebh..I show her mine

At this point both of us break in to giggles.

Baal..pulls (and I mean pulls) on her hair

Mumma baal..runs behind me and pretends to play hide and seek by peeping out and saying ‘Hi Mumma’ all the while touching my hair (she is not allowed to hair..hence the big game).

And so she goes. Where we move on to pointing to chin and cheek and shoulders and stomach and haath and fingers and paaoin and knees and toes. From where we move on to ‘Wheels on the bus’ with ‘mumma bus’ to ‘Slippery Fish‘ where she puts both her hands on her face with every ‘Oh no’. Then promptly turns to me ‘Mumma Oh no’..and places both her hands on my face.

And Maa melts in to a puddle.  Not a bad way to finish up the day is it? Not a bad way at all 🙂


Dear Buzz,

The past few weeks I have been doing a lot of looking back and missing all the little things you did, say a year back. I went through all the pictures we have taken of you till date and could not believe how much you have grown. Your Paa and I sat and reminisced about this or that, felling sad that our little girl was growing up too fast.

As I stand in the kitchen brooding about all this, I hear your quick footsteps as you run upstairs. Your Paa and I looked at each other with a smile on our faces. You are up from your nap. You come down, demand to be picked up and the minute you are in my arms, you give me a hug and don’t let go. You hold on to me for a good 5 mins while I smother you with kisses, when it hits me, ‘I don’t mind this at all’. And just like that I am back to enjoying all the things you do currently.

The running behind each other, the pretend hide and seek behind the sofa, the spinning in circles, the helping me while I put your toys in their right place, the saga called potty training, the playing with spoons as I load the dishwasher, the fake crying when you are given a timeout, the super sweet ‘Hi Mumma’ when you want something bad, the splashing together as I give you a bath, the fit you throw if I don’t hand over clothes to place in the washer and dryer while I do the laundry, the high heel sandals of mine that you wear and try to walk around in, the endless books you want to read, the roaring like a lion while walking on all fours, the trying to say everything that is said to you, the demand for Roti, the pointing to the phone when you want to talk to your Nana/Nani, the please..thank you and grudging sorry that you say, the wanting to be held endlessly.

All things unique to the present you. All things I would not trade for anything in the world. So today even when my heart gives a thud as you move on to calling ladybug dadybu rather than your customary baboo or nana changes to banana, I remind myself not to panic. You might outgrow certain things but along with that you will bring new reasons to smile in our lives. You are growing and very fast at that, but the joy you bring stays just the same. You fill our world with laughs. You make us a stronger family. We might give in to melancholic every now and then but we are ever so thankful to have you with us, growing bigger, growing independent, growing stubborn every day.

Stay the same mischievous, adventures imp sweetheart. Stay happy, stay healthy always.

Loads of love,

PS: Below the stove is really not a good hiding place for your toys. Trust me on that.

Singing Saturday – Tum itna jo

Remember those days in school when seniors used to come and monitor the class when your teacher was out? It was during one of those when the senior who came in sang this song for us. That was the first time I heard the song.


My go to song when I am sad and trying to hide it.


How can you not identify with a song when it talks about a smile being so bright that it has to be hiding deep pain.

Or about eyes brimming up, while a smile brushes the lips. What we feel and what we project to the world.

Or the insides turning to poison with all the tears that we continue to drink.

Or about human nature of touching the wounds, only to re-open them, that have been filled up by time.

Or the game of fate which they say is written in the lines of our palms and how these lines are the ones which we lose out to.


A beautiful song with soul touching lyrics. Something we all go through at various stages of life. A song which is my ‘deep in thought, pondering about life’ song.


We were at a friend’s place when their 5 year old daughter ran and sat on her mom’s lap. A Hug, a kiss, big smiles followed.  This was a few years back. But that one moment stayed on with me.

Since then the interaction between a mom and her child always grabs my attention. The trust that flows, the love that shows, the care that unknowingly comes through always tugs at my heart. Friends, I have known for years and years, friends who had not a care in the world or gave a hoot about what anyone said or did, now think about their kids first. Nose gets wiped on the fav. dress, food gets splattered on the silk sarees, high heels have traded places with flats. We have all become moms.

I love to watch the byplay of emotions. That one unguarded moment where no one else exists but those two, that one tender kiss on the brow, that spontaneous hug, that reassuring look which says ‘don’t worry, I am here’.  THAT is love. THAT is a thing to behold. All you need to do is look.