Month: January 2013

Sleep tales

While on my maternity leave, after Bugz was born, I would catch up on my sleep during the day, sleeping whenever she slept. D on the other hand was showing the effects of getting up multiple times a night and then going to work during the day. A week or so of this and I pushed him to sleep in the guest bedroom. There was no point in him being up anyways since he could do nothing to soothe Bugz.

Somewhere down the line Bugz started sleeping well. The only issue was if she got up in the middle of the night and saw me she would stand up in her crib and start screaming to be picked up. On the other hand if I was not around she would go right back to sleep. I spoke to D about moving her crib to Buzz’s room (it needed to be dismantled and re-assembled since it is wider than the door of our room as well Buzz’s room) but he was keeping super busy and kept postponing the move. Not willing to sacrifice on my sleep when not needed, I moved in to the guest bedroom as well. While Bugz – the littlest member of the family – slept all by herself, in her crib, in the biggest room of the house. Life was perfect!

Our recent vacation was a game changer. Bugz got to sleep next to me for two weeks straight. The smart one figured she could crawl to me any time she liked and decided my neck was the best place for her to sleep. 2 weeks of waking up in cold sweet because I felt I was being chocked and I was ready for her to sleep in her crib. Bugz on the other hand had other ideas. Having slept with us, she wanted someone to sleep in the same room as her in order to sleep through the night. Added to that Buzz constantly asking when Bugz could move in to her room and we made the move the weekend before last.

10 days in to the shift, this is what Buzz was heard saying:

Middle of the night 1 –

Shhh.. so jaao Bugz, nini time. (shhh…go to sleep Bugz, sleep time.)

Middle of the night 2 –

Mumma Bugz uthgayi. Mujhe bhi utha diya. (Mumma Bugz woke up. She woke me up as well.)

Middle of the night 3 –

Mumma isko bolo so jaaye. (Mumma ask her to sleep.)

Middle of the night 4 –

Bugz mein ne bola na aage se mat uthna! (Bugz I told you not to wake up right!)

Morning after night 5 –

Mumma aaj hum dono ne bahut achcha nini kiya. (Mumma we both slept very well tonight.)

And so things fall in to place just in time for long plain ride, jet lag, sleeping on the same bed with the kids, vacation, food, love, laughs, sharing, caring, family.

India, here we come. Can’t wait to see you again. Sleep or lack of – we will deal with once we get back. Sleep tales need to continue after all.

If you ever visit the Comfy household..

..and find some of your personal belongings missing please look in the trashcan. Bugz – The cleaner, thinks that the trash is the rightful place for every single thing and is seen dumping random things there. Now what you pick out of the trashcan is based on the value of the said thing, its value to you and your hygiene tolerance level.

..please keep your undergarments under a lock and key unless you want Bugz to use them as accessories to be worn around the neck and on the head.

..understand the meaning behind every ‘enh’ ’cause you better not come running to me when a full on drama commences. from afar if you want smiles in return. Coming close only gets you suspicious looks in return.

..get dressed to go out of the house if you want Bugz to come to you, because she will go to anyone as long as she gets to go outside.

..don’t forget to bring earplugs along if you value your eardrums even a little bit.

..please don’t for anything and I mean ANYTHING (even refills) take Bugz sippy cup away from her. Now if you are the one to hand a missing sippy cup back to her, be ready to be dazzled with a smile wide and shiny eyes.

So anyone coming?

Packing for a trip – Tips

As learned after looking at pictures from the recent trip:

When visiting a cold place, worry only about outerwear and take at least a few different variety of – scarfs, coats, hats, gloves. Does not matter if you have to wash and wear the same T-shirt every single day because it WILL NEVER BE SEEN. And if you are dumb like me and take only one coat and scarf along because you fill the suitcase with random things like diapers, multiple change of clothes for the kids, food for the kids, various medicines (just in case) then don’t pout when all your pictures come out looking the same. What else do you expect with same coat and scarf.