Month: March 2014


Yesterday was spend skiing down slopes on a rainy still-winter-but-almost spring day, by Buzz and me, while D mourned this one broken ski, as he kept Bugz entertained through the day.

*digression* He was dressed and ready to go, putting things in the car when his ski broke and I quickly switched my skis with his and took Buzz *end digression*

A full day on the slopes and come nighttime Buzz was sleeping even as she walked up the stairs to her room. Bugz however having had a happy day and an extra-long nap, was bouncing off the walls.

D looked at her and said, “She is ready to ski off a black diamond right now, she is so high.”

“Me high? Me go high?” Bugz asked and then went on to climb the first rung of her crib.

“Look! me high, Papa!” she smiled as Papa laughed out loud looking at the little monkey he has at home.

Move over..

..Mini Van, we like Mazda now, because it sounds silly!

..Sunflower, we like Cherry Blossoms now, because they are so pretty!

..Rain, we like the Sun now, because we get to go out and play!

..Pink cake, we like Black Forest now, because it has cherries on top!

..Chocolate ice-cream, we like berry now, because it is yummy!

..China, we like Hungry now, because it is a funny name for a country!

..London, we like India now, because Nana lives there!


Every Sunday Didi gets to go skiing while Bugz stays at home. Not to be left behind Bugz has found her own way out.

Oven mittens and hairbands! And she is seen skiing all around the house. Didi perfected the design a little but all credit for the prototype goes to the littlest member of our household.



Anyone want to come over for a demo?

3rd Law of Motion

Bugz has a mind of her own, a personality so strong that nobody stands a chance in front of her. Which also means that she gets everything her way. Which in turn means that toys are pulled out of Didi’s hand, Didi is pushed, hit, screamed at.. you get the drift, right?

Didi screams:

No thank you!
This is not kind!

to no avail! Of course!

Tired of the tears, I told Buzz that she could retaliate in kind. There was a hair pull for a hair pull, water splash for a water splash, lots of tears from Bugz but no sympathy from anyone.

Yesterday night, the two of them were playing and I turned around just in time to see Bugz push Buzz hard and then she ran out of the room like a bullet and in her hurry hit the wall *baam*

As I held the crying Bugz, I was at a loss to scold her or laugh or explain that Newton’s 3rd law came true for her, just in it’s own different way. Equal and opposite reaction indeed 😀


Saturday night and preps for dinner are on. With Pav Bhaji on the menu, I start taking out the various vegetables from the fridge. Buzz comes and asks , “Can I help Mumma?”

I hand one of the vegetables to her, to carry, when Bugz says, “Me help, me help!” and gets handed another vegetable. Once done, they take turns putting potatoes in the cooker, smiling all the way.

I move on to cutting the vegetables and they move on to their games. They talk and laugh and a little while later Buzz comes and pulls out a pan and Bugz takes out a couple of spatulas. I look over every once in  a while as things get added to their pan. Just as I finish up, they declare their cooking done as well and I am called to get eating.

Welcome to dinner Buzz and Bugz style.


Bonus points if you can identify their various ingredients – Noodles, Pasta, Paneer, Potatoes, Cauliflower and a few more.