Just Another Post

public enum DayType

public string FindResult(DayType dayType)
     string result = null;
     string b = “Time”;
     string i = “Is”;
     string r = “Wasting”;
     string t = “It”;
     string h = “Relax”;
     string d = “Enough”;
     string a = “Letter”;
     string y = “Lucky”;
     switch (dayType)
          case DayType.RegularDay:
               result = String.Concat(d,” “, b, ” “, r);
          case DayType.Holiday:
               result = String.Concat(b, ” “, DateTime.Today, “: “, h);
          case DayType.Birthday:
               result = String.Concat(y, ” “, a, ” “, i, “: ” , d.Substring(2,1));
    return result;


74 thoughts on “Just Another Post

    1. I knew this lady will surely reach here before me :/

      @Swar: let’s have a deal..yeh first position pe adha-adha baithe ? 😉

    1. *rubs her eyes* – Nah it’s still there Sagarika ….*scratches her head* – thngs remain unclear still .. calls out for Buzz… Buzzie I think decoding your gbberish is easy ;p

  1. You at home for Memorial Day right? And this is what you come up with huh? Makes some sense I guess. Especially where it says Regular day, Holiday, Times is wasting blah blah.

  2. Scratching my head and with quizzical expression on my face, what is this code supposed to tell me… 😦
    Regular day: Enough Time Wasting
    Holiday: Time Relax
    Birthday: Lucky letter is N

    1. No Shilpa it is not suppose to tell you anything..it is meant for one very very specific person..and to that person only does it make sense 😀

      PS: there are 2 mistakes in what you decoded 🙂

      1. *Breathing a sigh of relief*I was wondering whatever we poor people did to make you write things in code here!! 😀 😉
        Kudos to the someone else…even if I went running around the whole world I wouldn’t ever figure it out 😛 😛

  3. d.substring(2,1) ? Is it d.substring(1,2)? but anyway it’s so much fun to see Java and coding here 😀 Initially, I rubbed my eyes to make sure that it’s your blog. I thought I’d mistakenly reached a programming site 😀 Now Comfy, remove our perplexity and decode it for us 🙂

    1. Decode..hmm..
      This was part of a blog hunt for someone special..and there was one letter that was to got out of it all.. Gather one letter each from all the blogs part of the hunt.. Decode..and see where that leads to.. 😀 😀

  4. It made no sense to me …….neither in the reader nor here….
    But I am glad too it actually did make sense to a lot of other people….now I know who all work in your industry Comfy 😉
    May be I should put a contest on my blog to guess what I do 😀 😀 😀

  5. Though after decoding could make any sense,and have to agree that its not meant for us.
    I wish you knew tamil,anyway am saying this “Aen indha kolai veri”.

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