Month: September 2010


Dear Buzz,

I wonder, do you have a sixth sense or have an antenna which tells you when I am having a horrible, beyond word crappy day. Is that the reason why you push me the most, test my patience the most on a day like that. I do wonder.


Where Buzz goes to the Beach

She held out her hand and placed something on my palm.

The sun was out, prediction of rain for the next few days. A quick trip to the beach was planned to make the most of the last few days of summer before Fall came by in full force. We had never been to this beach before, so were not sure what to expect. It turned out to be more of a pebble beach than a sand beach. Which was perfect for Buzz, since she is scared of water because of the big wave that hit her when were last on the beach. The smooth oval rocks acting as the perfect play things, to put in her mouth, to throw in the water, and laugh out loud as they sunk in with a plonk sound.

As we got her to get one stone or the other out of her mouth while she conveniently ignored us, she kept looking at the ground. Suddenly she bend down, picked up a something, came over and reached out her hand.

I held whitest of white stone in my hand, with its perfect oval shape. 

The handover complete, back she went to playing. Only to come back a few minutes later to hand another rock to me. Of all the gray, brown, beige rocks, she picked another white one and handed it over to me. And went on to do the exact same thing a couple more times.

I was left holding on to 5 white stone of various shapes and sizes, thinking what to do with them. Now crazy, indulgent mother that I can, I could not make myself throw the stones away. They hence sit in a pocket in my bag. With me trying to figure out a way that I can use them.

One of the stones I am planning on getting a pendant made out of, something along the lines of Sea Glass Jewelry when I next visit India, and keep aside for her when she is old enough. Any ideas of what else I can do? Would love to hear them 🙂


Buzz got this ‘Spin and Learn‘ toy as a gift a while back. When the top star is pressed down, a song is played with goes something like

Do Re Me
Take a spin around the sea, meeting friends, feel the breeze
Take a spin around the sea, come let’s play

The song is not very clear and takes quite a few times of seriously trying to listen, to figure out what the words are. Buzz did not play with it a whole lot, till the past couple of weeks. Now out of the blue it seems to have become her favorite toy. The song is heard every few minutes as she plays around. Now dotting dad that D is, has never paid attention to the song. Every time the song is played, he sings along

Do premi
Eak Cinderella thi, beauty queen, beauty queen
Eak Cinderella thi, chal chalein

And THAT is how the crazy world at Comfy’s goes on 😛 😛

Copy what??

D picks up his brush. Buzz starts demanding ‘Ba, Ba, Ba’. Her brush is handed over to her. She shakes her head in perfect imitation of how D brushes his teeth.

Once he is done, he sits Buzz down and brushes her teeth for her, washes the brush and puts it away.

I come in and pick my brush. Buzz starts demanding ‘Ba, Ba, Ba’. No matter how many times we tell her she already brushed her teeth, she wants her brush. Once given she imitates me and my  brushing style.


D in one of his ‘I need to get some work out done’ mood, gets out the ankle weights and puts them around his..well..ankles. Commence leg lifts. Buzz looks on in wonderment. A few mins in, runs to the kitchen..opens one of the drawers..takes out a thick black rubberband..runs back to D..puts the band around her ankle. Commence leg lifts.


I am putting my contact lenses as I get ready to head to work. Buzz standing next to me, touches the contact lenses case with her finger..touches her finger to her eye and flutters her eyelids just the way I do.


There is some music playing. D is whistling and snapping his fingers along with the song. Buzz observes for a few seconds, makes a face as if to whistle and blows hard, all the while rubbing her fingers and thumb together.


I am applying lotion to her after having finished giving her a bath. I put some lotion on my hand, she reaches her hand out. I give her a little bit (often times pretend to give her without actually giving her..mean I am 😛 ). I rub my palms together, she rubs her palms together. I rub my palms on her leg, she rubs her palms on her leg.


D sits with his Skydiving magazine. Buzz runs and sits on his lap. First father points to skydivers and parachutes, then the daughter follows. Both with the exact same glint in their eyes.


I am working in the kitchen. Buzz wants attention and is doing everything she can to get it. Which means she is creating a mess. I look at her, shake my head and say ‘unh unh’. Buzz looks up, shakes her head and says ‘unh unh’.


 Copying or learning?? That is the question 😀 😀

It's time

It has been crawling its way in for a while, gaining ground inch by inch. The drum beat getting louder and louder. No matter how hard I tried to shut the door, it kept seeping in.

It is here now. Can’t be ignored. Has to be faced.

Time for the big D. DISCIPLINE .. here we come 😐

Whispered words

A video chat, where all audio communication is one-sided. A tired toddler is the one hogging all the limelight. The other end holds on to their part of the deal by smiling at the antiques and typing messages every once in a while.

Tiredness takes over. Climb on to Maa’s lap. Eyes close shut on their own accord. As a step is taken into deep slumber the other end yawns big. Two mins in, eyelids flutter. All is still.

I whisper good night, bestow kisses on the two sleeping darlings on either side and close the video conference.


Cell phone set on silent mode vibrates.

Me: *whispers* Hey
Him: Can you speak a little louder.
Me: No
Him: How is she doing now
Me: Still has a fever
Him: Give me details?
Me: She is sleeping right next to me
Him: *whispers back* Oh OK. Let her sleep. Will be home in a bit.


Eyelids open. She looks at me,  in fever induced sleep.

She: Hi Mumma
Me: Hi baby

Eyelids fall back. Sleep takes over.

*whispered* I love you sweetheart. Get well soon.


Travel Thrusday – Golden Gate Bridge

A nice, clear, warm, blue sky, not a cloud in sight day. We make our way to the Golden Gate bridge. Drive over it and park at the viewing area on the other side.

Then starts the wait and tactic of finding a parking spot and actually muscling the car in the parking space before anyone else can. By the time we accomplish the feat and step out of the car we see clouds literally pouring in from the small hill above.

A mad dash to take a good look at the Golden Gate before the clouds obstruct the view completely, only to figure out this is the famous SFO fog we are looking at. Which seems to be coming in waves. One wave each for the two towers of the bridge.

A windy, huddle inside your jacket, walk on the bridge. The tower looks amazing covered up by the fog.

As you step up to the tower, fog in sight. The tower stands tall, impressing the hell out of everyone.

Turn around time. Fog is still on the little hill but nowhere else.

Back to the car. No fog to be seen. Only the impressive Golden Gate bridge in all its bright red glory.