Wordless Wednesday – XXIV

44 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – XXIV

  1. Cute…
    I feel your header and this pic are related…. is it ?
    Btw, is everyone on wordpress on a “Change your template” spree…. I see everyone has changed their header and template… but I like the pic in the header too 🙂

    1. Yeah the header, the post and the background…all pictures were taken of the same set of flowers 🙂

      WordPress came up with template where you can set any background of your choice..the freedom of it all has everyone trying new backgrounds 😀

  2. Very nice! 🙂
    People do seem on a template update spree! I am not sure if it is my browser, but I need to scroll to the extreme right to read the blog, the header and the content are not aligned. I am using Mozilla.

    1. They are they are..what with the new templates that just came out.

      I guess it is your browser..because Mozilla/Firefox is very bad with positioning if the image is big. They do fixed positioning rather than relative positioning.

      I have a big screen computer and hence put up a large image..which probably is causing the issue. Will try opening the blog in Firefox to see what it actually looks like. It is looking fine in IE..

  3. it’s rainign pretty flowers this WW! Very pretty! Happy WW Comfy 😀
    Btw.. I like your emphasis on buds (conscious or unconscious I dunno) .. seems to say to all of us that there’s a new life in store hang on 🙂 … my weird interpretation ;p

    1. Thanks Sagarika..

      The emphasis was on the bud for a reason..you have to look real close to figure it out.. or see the tooltip for a hint..

      It is better visible if you click in the picture to expand.. 😀

      PS: Love your interpretation 🙂

  4. I can’t believe I’m in the top 10 in your posts!! 😀

    The flowers are beautiful! the green and the yellow! such cheerful colours! 🙂

  5. lovely macro….and for a change the focus is on the buds and not the flowers, which is what most of us do.

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