Month: August 2012


After a super busy day at work I picked up Buzz from her school. Mentally exhausted and still pre-occupied with things at work, I was not really paying attention to what she was talking about.

Her talk was the normal what she did in school, what she ate, the car in front, the traffic light, the cop car and whatever else that caught her fancy. I would respond back every now and then, or so I thought till she said,

Aap mere se baat nahein kar rahe (You are not talking to me)

and that too in an upset tone.

Per main to baat kar rahi huin (But I am talking to you)

I replied back.

Nahein, aap siraf hmmm bol rahe ho (No, you are only saying hmmm)

And I have another one of my ‘My-baby-is-growing-up-too-fast-and-understands-a-lot-more-than-what-I-give-her-credit-for’ moment.


Jab mein badi hojaaongi*

Don’t know if it is true for all kids but for Buzz everything is about her growing up. Every single day, multiple times a day, for one thing or another, her sentence starts with ‘Jab mein badi hojaaongi..’

‘..I will sit there’
‘Where’ I ask.
‘There’ , she says.
I take my eyes off the road for a second to look at what she is pointing at only to realize her finger is pointing to my seat.
‘Oh so you will drive the car?’
‘Yeah, and Bugz will sit next to me’
‘And where will Mumma sit’
‘Here in my car seat’


‘..I will sit in the emergency exit row on an airplane’


‘..I will go to work’
‘What will you do then?’
‘I will take the bus to work sometimes’
‘And what will Mumma do?’
‘You will also go to work’
‘Can Mumma stay at home and rest up?’
‘Noooo, Mumma will also go to work. Kobe is the one who is resting**’


‘..I will cook for you’


‘..I will go skydiving with Papa’
‘What will you do?’
‘I will go up in the plane’
‘Then I will jump’
‘What will you do next?’
‘I will open the parachute, come down and then go back up in the plane’


‘..I will also run out of patience’
Which hit home on how frequently I say that these days


*When I grow up..
**Kobe Bryant had an injury and was resting and that is what rest means to her

Convoluted thoughts

The drive back home, after I pick Buzz from school every evening, is always a question and answer session, where in I am always left amazed at the swiftness with which topics are picked and discarded.

The sun is still not out completely. Is it still playing with the clouds?
Is he having his food? (She was eating her evening snack and hence the food question, I think)
No, the Sun does not eat.
But the car eats, right?
Car eats gas.
*Big ahha moment for me. Remembering the conversation with D on how we needed to refuel the car and him saying something along the lines of ‘Man this car *drinks* (uses up) gas too quickly’*
Yes, car eats.
And drinks gas as well.
Yes and drinks as well.
Why is that gate closed?
*Looking at the locked gate of the local electricity distribution unit*
Because there is a lot of electricity there and if anyone gets too close they might get hurt.
Our house also has electricity, right?
Yes, it does.
Mixer truck helped build our house.
Yes, it did.
How does it work?
In the big cylinder of the mixer truck they pour cement, sand and water. Then they rotated the cylinder so as to mix everything together. The mix is used in buildings.
They used the mixer truck to build your office?
And my school?
And the gas station?
Yes, and the gas station.
Do we need gas today?
No, we don’t.
The car is not hungry today?
Car has enough food for today.
Oh because the sun did not eat any?

Which is when I have my realization that all thoughts are connected in her head even when to me they seem like random jumps from one topic to another.