Month: October 2011


I was putting Bugz to sleep when D walked in.

D: Let’s watch a movie.
Me: enh? It is 11:00 at night and I want to sleep.
D: Come on. Watch with me.
Me: I am really tired and want to sleep as soon as she sleeps.

He tried a few more times after which he gave up and headed down by himself.

Bugz was being extra fussy and it took me good 2 hours to get her to sleep after which I passed out. I woke up next to a kiss on my cheek.

Me: What happened?
D: Nothing.

I drifted back to sleep to be woken up by a cranky Bugz off and on during the night. In between the entire sleep deprived, brain-snooze night I suddenly have a moment of clarity ‘Oh! that is why he wanted to spend some time with me.’ Which was followed by what else but trying to get some sleep, which meant I forgot all about that one moment of clarity. Morning was as it is every morning. Buzz words from the other room and the tubelight finally switched on.

There is no excuse, none what to so ever. I have become a total tubelight where nothing registers anymore and I can’t remember anything past 5 minutes. So today I will try to make up for it by making some good food. Hope I remember to get all the ingredients when I am out grocery shopping. But in the meantime I need get a handle on this memory thing. 8 hours of sleep a day would help big time but past experience tells me it is not happening any time soon. 

Tell me people what all do you do when you realize your memory fails you? I need help.


You were standing there doing your yoga. And even in that moment I knew you were no longer with us. I figured I was hallucinating only to open my eyes with a start to realize it was a dream.

Hallucination – Dream, same thing right? You are not here and never will be, that is the truth I need to learn to live with.

Dear little joker

Pulling your hair is no fun. Looking at me with puppy eyes while you cry is no fun either. Holding on with all your strength while I try to pry your fingers open is seriously no fun. So how about we try pulling on the blanket or your t-shirt. I know you can’t control these things just yet but how about we work on it together. Till then let go sweetheart.


PS: The look of confusion on your face was priceless 🙂