Month: September 2013

Planning for the future

Conversation as I was getting Buzz dressed up after her bath in the evening.

Wear your PJs quick. I need to go and make rotis.
Can I help you make rotis, Mumma?
No baby, not today.
You always say that! Why can’t I help?

Buzz, who cries very easily, had tears in her eyes at this point so I made her sit in my lap and hugged her tight. After a long tight hug she looked up to me and said in her still tear chocked voice:

I don’t want to be a Police Officer when I grow up.

Buzz has talked about wanting to be a Police Officer for a while now. This has been a constant talk in our house so I quickly reassure her

You don’t have to be a Police Officer if you don’t want to.
I want to be Mommy when I grow up.

Shocked, unsure, I asked her:

What does a Mommy do?
She cooks!

Aah, makes sense!

Sure baby, you can be whatever you want to be when you grow up.

More hugs later she is dressed and ready to go down when she looks at me and asks,

You will not get another baby, Mumma? A baby boy?
No, we will not get another baby.
If you did then he could be Daddy when I became a Mommy. Now how will I have a family?

And we are back to our old questions again with which I make a run out of the room.

Random Thoughts

  • Buzz and Bugz are as different as chalk and cheese. One loves to take any/all medicines, the other absolutely refuses to open her mouth to take even a drop, even when down with fever. One takes forever to fall asleep, the other is up at the crack of dawn. One can’t even find things right in front of her nose, the other will find things that are not even needed for the time being.
  • My body has gotten used to an almost full night of sleep all over again. Even a night without 6 hours of sleep and the headache comes down with a vengeance.
  • Sorting through pictures from a trip a few months back, I have come to realize that D loves to take pictures in threes. 700+ pictures and only every fourth picture is different. If I were to make a set of three, each set would have difference in only a slight head tilt here, an eye flick there, everything else – same to same.
  • Looking at same picture three times, so annoying! Especially when you are trying to sort them in some sort of unloadable order.
  • I am not liking the new (now not so new?) changes to Picasaweb. In trying to simplify + unify their product integration, Google has made a things a lot more complicated.
  • Now a question on the unifying front – why do the important features not work across applications when unifying is such a big deal? They used to before and don’t post all the work. What a mess!
  • Need to find another alternative to Picasaweb!
  • I hate social media. I am a social media recluse. There I said it. I, who could not handle FB, now am on Whatsapp! Something that I forget to check till someone sends me an email about!
  • I have not updated my FB in years, I think. No pictures, no status, nothing. I like a few things here and there (few and far between) but can’t seem to get myself to let the world know what goes on in my head.
  • The security settings in all these social media sites make me panic even more. Anyone can tag me for the world to see? The only thing I can do is not have them show up on my profile for my friends to see?
  • Even when I learn to live with that, putting in settings that I think I am somewhat OK with, they go and change them is some way, shape or form and then there is a scramble to figure it all out, all over again!
  • Despite my hesitation about social media , I have a public blog? I seriously need to get my head examined.
  • I want to get back to running again. Ankle last 1%, get on with it please.
  • There are almost no pictures of only Buzz and me. There are loads with me holding Bugz, but very few with Buzz. Will there be, ‘you loved her more’, in my future? God hope not!
  • D, what the hell? There are like 10 pictures of the sleeping wolf! Like really?
  • Bugz baby take some medicine and sleep please. It is good for both of our mental health.
  • How can you notice Didi’s shwminshoot in the dark, while you are crying and get excited about that, I will never know.
  • This is going to be another LOOOONNNGGGGG night, me thinks.
  • Wonder what will happen first, the pictures getting uploaded or me getting some sleep? At the speed the uploading is happening, I will place my money on me getting some sleep. Imagine that!
  • There seems to be so much time in the evenings when D is not in town. hmm need to think about this a little bit more 😛

Edited to Add: They now are showing random ads to posts on Wordpress? I foresaw it a couple of years back, so why does this upset me so?