Regular Things

Hey ya people,

Since Maa is crazy busy, to even give me as much time as I would like her to, I thought I would get some revenge and take over this blog thing. And then Mr. Bald Guy went and tagged me.. ME..not Maa..ME.. Yipe..yay.. I am to talk about 9 things I wear regularly. How easy is that? So are you ready..really ready to know. Okeiiyy we go.

  1. Diaper: I mean there is not even a min except for when I am getting a massage and taking a bath that these things are not on me. Not ever. is a kid to have some fun someone tell me? 😦
  2. Oil: I did talk about massage did I not. I get one every day. Are they fun or what? But Maa is being very stingy with oil. Keeps muttering about making it last or something. 🙄
  3. Onesie: I can’t even keep a count on the number of full sleeves white onesies Maa has bought from me. I mean no matter how many of them I throw food on or drool all over, Maa always has a freshly washed one for me. And I am forever in one or the other first and foremost, the rest of the clothes follow.
  4. Shoes: I had these awesome shoes with velcro as closures. I used to have so much fun getting out of those and throwing the shoes all over. And it was even more fun to watch Maa try and find where I threw them. But now Maa got me these lace up shoes and she double knots them on top, so forget getting the shoes off, I can’t even pull the lace and play with them. How very unfair. Can someone talk to Maa about this please. *gives puppy dog look*
  5. Tears: Maa has taken to calling me a ‘Drama Queen’. She says I can squeeze tears out of my eyes at a minutes’ notice. But someone tell me, what is a baby to do. I try explaining to Maa and Paa what I want. Half the time they don’t understand what I am trying to say. The other half even when they understand, they say NO. Why can’t I put my hand in the toilet pot? Why can’t I climb up the dining table and hit the lights hanging there? Why can’t I climb into the dishwasher? So I show them I have some power too by crying big tears. But even that seems to have no effect on these people. They are mean or what 😐
  6. Trousers: Maa got me these cutest trousers in beige and brown and they have heart cut out patch (in self says Maa) on the knees. I love these trousers. They are so comfortable and look amazing on me. What?? A girl HAS to watch what she wears does she not? No matter the age. 😛 😛
  7. T-shirt: Maa also got me this T-shirt which says ‘Hug Me’. Every time I wear this T-shirt, Maa keeps smiling fondly at me and keeps giving me hugs. I have also come to realize that I get a lot of hugs from a lot more people when I have this T-shirt on. So that is my first choice of what I want to wear if I can get my hands on them. 😀 😀
  8. Socks: Talk of shoes can’t be complete without socks now can they? So let’s talk socks..white socks. I mean there are so many pink socks out there..why am I forever stuck in the white ones? Why can’t I get some color? No Sir.. but Maa is stuck up in her ‘no-pink for my little girl’ mantra 🙄 I am so going to make her pay for it one day. Anyone care to bet on that??
  9. Smile: My smile takes me the farthest in me getting my way. It can thaw Maa and melt Paa in a heartbeat. So I carry it with me at all times. It is never far away. Always present just waiting for something/one to bestow it upon. 🙂 🙂

That’s it? All done? I can go on..I promise..I can. But well rules and all. And it is being drummed in to me to follow them, so I will stop here. Sigh.. But..but there are people to tag.. so I tag: my doll friend Ms. Rays, Revs Akka, my sweetest friend T, Nu Mausi and Aunty mat kahoo na Swaram.

Will catch you all real soon. Till then b-bye

57 thoughts on “Regular Things

  1. Awwww buzzie pie…u come to me…i take out our laces…bad maa…troubling little pies!

    Aside to comfy – what the bottle of oil is not over yet…didn’t u blog about this some centuries ago 😛

    1. *goes running to Nuttie*

      Comfy says – The bottle of oil has a loooong way to go.. Heard once..’you never run out of just run out of strength to squeeze some’.. Well that is my mantra of the oil in that bottle. 😛 😛

  2. LOL I have this huge smile on my face. 🙂
    Now I know from where Buzz has picked up the Drama Queen Genes. 😆
    Dear Buzz
    If I get a chance I am going to gift only pink things to you Buzz. Just to tease your Maa. So pinks socks is a deal. ** Gives hi5 to Buzz **
    Love and Hugs.

  3. Do more tags Buzz, it was so much fun reading this one!
    What, Maa and Paa say no for everything? Don’t worry you can take your revenge on them 😀
    “Buzz eat your greens” – “NO”
    “Buzz switch off the TV” – “NO”
    “Buzz do your homework” – “NO”
    “Buzz clean your room” – “NO NO NO” 😆 😆

    Doll friend? 😀 😀 😀
    You are our cute little doll honey 😀

  4. Oh my….our Buzz darling is all geared up to be the next ‘it’ thing!! 😀 😀

    *Whispering to Buzz* Why don’t you take up the blog completely, you’re such a darling and an awesome blogger. Better than Mom!! 😛 😛

      1. Buzz honey…Mom’s a tough nut to crack…why not soften up Papa instead 😉 😀 😛

        I’m sure he’ll let you sit in his lap and even teach you more than what you already know!! One fast learner you are sweetheart…Muaaaaaaahhh!!!! 🙂

  5. Buzz, u r such a buzzing blogger already? Wah! Start blogging soon Buzzu baby – its so much fun reading u 🙂
    Aww ur smile and the hug-tee and the onesie – u must be looking sooo cute in them! Oh, the tears too 🙂

    Thanks so much for tagging me … lotz of hugs from Swaram ‘not aunty’ 😀

  6. sniff, sniff! Go on you! You write the cutest post in the whole universe and make me eyes moist now little baby girl!

    Gosh, you’re cho chweeet! You even make a poor old bald guy melt like hot wax!

    Cutie baby you!

  7. YAY, a post from Buzz :D…

    Aww you poor baby, whenever Maa or Paa say no, use your smile. Every single time.

    And you try to get into the dishwasher? Really? And on the dinning table? How adventurous are you!!!

    Lots of hugs and love to you, baby. Muuaahhh.

    1. T, this is not even the worst of my adventures. I am known to do worse.. (like falling from stairs) but I left that one out since Maa got real upset about that one.. 😦

  8. To the world’s youngest blogger aka Buzz baby,

    it sure is something to hear your side of the story, you had us all nodding vigorously there.Why can’t one dip one’s hand into the toilet pot? Quite a genuine question. There is some boring answer too, but I guess that’s not for now.

    Watching you grow through this blog Buzz, is a lot of fun for us and you are so mighty dear to us. When you are thirteen, and you are scrolling through these comments, snorting in disgust, will you remember that?

    Your fan forever!

  9. Hey Buzz!!

    That was one lovely post..and the cutest of tag responses I have ever read! * muah *

    You know, you just ended up giving me ideas to buy the ‘right’ kind of shoes for Paapu ( you know her, don’t you? ) Velcro kinds are the best ofcourse * puts on a innocent face* 😀

    Am the lucky few who have sen your smile ( on a photo)…and yes, it can melt anyone in a heartbeat.

    Love you buzzie boo.

    1. I know Paapu..I do..I do..and she is oh so sweet. I can’t wait for her to grow up and make you run behind her just the way I do with Maa. How else do you think she is losing that baby weight??

      And you better buy my friend the best shoes there are.. 😀 😀

  10. Ayyo am a fan of this Putting Hands’s in Toilet Pot Buzz LightQueen 😛 am trying to read all the Tag about to know this sweety pie better. Sloppy muahhs all over that Hug Me Tshirt princess.

    Btw Comfy give her back her Velcro Shoes will ya? It so much fun opening and closing it again and again and hearing that creaking sound 👿

    1. I can see you have been reading a lot of Buzz posts 🙂 Loads of drool covered kisses back at you 🙂

      I don’t really care about the sound..I care more about going hunting for them.. 😛

  11. More sloppy kisses to Buzz for winning her first honour. She just made everyone’s Saturday Drooling Spicy I tell you….muahhh!

    Oye mommy thank you for letting her use this space to scribble. I say how about you concentrate on doing your office work while letting Buzzy write for us? :mrgreen:

  12. aww buzzie pie..just checked this one..Nu mausi was holidaying no ? now I’m back and I’ll take this tag…

    I’m sure you’re going to tell maa once you grow up that you can wear pink socks 😉

    I loved your list sweetie !! You right so well…I told you the last time too,didn’t I ? And hey why take over Maa..she writes okay too 😛 Let her have this blog for herself..why don’t you have another one 😉 You need help ? What are we here for ?? Me,Revs Akka and dolly friend Divi will do the needful for you,any time !

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