Month: May 2014

What the..

I have never been much of swearer (is that even a word?) In days of the past “ullo” and “gadha” were my go to words. “Sh*t” and “Holy crap” joined the list somewhere down the line.

With the kids around I started to be very very carefully on the words I used. Additions were made to swearing vocabulary.

“Oooooohhhhhh,” I would go and add “shoot!” to it.

“Holy moly chipotle!” came next.

The kids picked it up, of course!

One day Buzz was trying to read and she made it through a particularly difficult sentence (for her) and I exclaimed “Oh Boy!”. Buzz laughed very hard and that became our go to word from then on.

About a month back she came home very excited.

Mumma, pata hei Ms. A kya boli? Oh My Apply Pie!

Giggles followed and Bugz picked it up as well.

“Oh My Apple Pie!” is now randomly heard around our house. Always followed by laughs, always brings happiness, age no bar.

Happy, innocent times, I hold dear as I go about my day.


A few days back, Buzz was playing with two sticks. Bugz wanted to play with them as well so Buzz handed over one as she said,

We share Bugz

One minute they were playing together, the next Buzz looked the other way and the little one was off with both the sticks. A chase around the house, lots of screaming, reasoning and crying followed, to no avail. Drama was escalating to an unmanageable level but the scariest part for me was the sticks moving in all directions so I stepped in. I did exactly what Buzz had done to begin with, gave them one stick each and explained that they had to share.

Bugz went in to her stubborn meltdown. Both sticks it had to be. So I shrugged, tough love and all that, only to turn around to Buzz saying,

Here you go, Bugz. Aap dono le lo!

Having witnessed this multiple times in the past, I had to ask Bugz’ favorite question,

Because I don’t want Bugz to cry!

Sigh! Sibling love in our house means one really spoilt little kid and one forever giving elder one.


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