Month: July 2011

Nick Nacks that don’t fit anywhere else..

..all in one post

We are out on a day trip on a hot sunny day. I am behind the wheels. On a particularly long stretch of road which is covered by tress on both sides making a perfect canopy, I push my sunglass off to the top of my head. A few seconds later D bursts out laughing because Buzz now has her sunglasses on top of her head as well. As we get to the end of the shaded area, I reach for my sunglasses. D promptly turns around to see Buzz doing the exact same thing. As he laughs again she gets shy and starts to look out the window. D goes on to place the sunglasses correctly on her nose.



We are out on a small airstrip used by small private airplanes. Buzz gets scared of the loud engine noise as the 10 seater airplane takes off very close to where we are standing. The next time the plane lands D takes her closer to it and points out the engine, explaining that the noise was coming for it and that it is because of the engine that the plane moves and flies. A few days later he opens the hood of the car to show her the car engine. Again explaining that engine provides the power because of which the car moves. This is followed by Buzz pointing out to all the cars, bikes, trucks, buses on the road and asking,

Papa is mein bhi engine?
Yeah Buzz,

he replies back.

Buzz is soon heard saying,

Har cheej mein engine.

A couple of weeks later I get her a bicycle. As she steps on it for the first time she looks around for a bit and asks,

Papa is mein engine kahaan?

The look on D’s face, priceless!



Buzz sits on D’s lap as they play together. D brings his face to her level to look at something she is pointing to. His face happens to touch hers.

No papa, no beard. Aaaoooviii,

she screams.



Buzz asks me for something and I refuse. A few minutes later D comes down. She runs to him and ask him for the same thing. He gives it to her. She smiles big at me and walks off.



Buzz stands on a foot stool to wash her hands. Looks up at the mirror and smiles big, hands to be washed forgotten.

We are at a clothes store to buy some T-shirts for D. Buzz spies something from the corner of her eye and takes off. Her laugh is heard all across the store as she stands in front of the full size mirror, looked at herself from this angle and that.



Buzz suddenly starts to have a lot of No 1 related accidents at daycare. Not because she lacks control but because she has too much control and is testing her limits. Her teachers ask her if she wants to go and she refuses every time. Some 4 hours later she is seen running to the restroom only to have an accident as she is pulling down her pants. Happens multiple times in a couple of weeks. Everyone is at a loss to what is going on. Then it hits me, her friend A who has been with her since almost the time she started daycare has left to go to another daycare. They were very close, always playing together and even going to the restroom together.



We step out of the car at the park only to hear a little someone call out to Buzz. We turn around to see a little girl from Buzz’s daycare class, so I stop to say hello and make small talk with her Mom. A minute or two of restless waiting and Buzz takes off at a run. I apologize and run after her.

The little voice keeps calling ‘Buzz, Buzz’ but Buzz refuses to stop. She finally gets to the train she has been aiming at, steps in, peeps out and starts to call ‘P, P’.

P comes running and the two play together for over an hour.



Buzz is watching an airplane flying when suddenly it is visible no more.

Air-pain kahan gaya Papa?
Clouds ke peeche chala gaya Buzz.

The next day the same thing happens with the Sun and she gets the same answer. Since then every time Sun, moon, birds, air-pain, helicopter are not visible they are behind the clouds, even at night.



A very special friend send glow at night stars for Buzz. I stuck them in clusters on various card stocks and then stuck the card stocks to the ceiling of Buzz’s room. The first couple of days Buzz was upset because she wanted to hold the stars and not just look at them. So I drew a star on a card stock, cut it out and gave it to Buzz. She was happy and made her peace with the stars stuck on the ceiling and loves them now, to the point where she calls out to them when she gets up in the middle of the night and they are visible no more. Now she has taken it a step forward and asks where the crescent is.





They are everywhere. Show up unexpectedly. Never sure how much damage they will cause. Caution is futile. Resistance useless.

– I turn the corner in a hurry and stumble on one.

– Sleep muddled I get off from the bed in response to a cry for ‘Mumma’ and nearly fall to my knees.

– I get ready to take a shower, take a quick peek to ensure it is a safe zone, turn around to get some things in place and in less than a minute step in to take a shower and my feet lands on one.

– A quick run downstairs at night to get water from the kitchen and suddenly lights start to blink and gleeful noise screams ‘Hi this is the lion calling. Call me’.

They come in all shapes – square, star, circle, animal, phone, books

They come in all materials – wood, plastic, rubber, foam

They come in all sizes – x-small, small, medium, large, x-large

They come in all colors – pink, green, blue, yellow, orange, purple

They come in all decibels levels – mute, squeak, normal, loud, eardrum shattering

But most importantly they come to bodily harm you, make you fall on your knees, give your heart a start, make you hobble, drive you out of your mind.

And no, no matter what you do and how many times you clean up and how careful you are and how many times you check and double check, somehow someway they find a way to the wrong place at the wrong time, all thanks to a little hurricane and her ability to hide them in places unknown to mere parents.

These landmines or toys as the marketing people love to call them are pure evil and I hate them.

Oh and to the person who gave her the wooden blocks and 28 of them at that: Why? What wrong did we ever do to you? Do you know how many stubbed toes and hurt nails and almost falls I have owing to those menacing little things? 😐

Singing Saturday – Deewaroin se

Because sometimes you feel lonely amongst friends..  shyaam dhale is soone ghar mein mella lagta hei.
Because sometimes sadness takes over like nothing else..  shabnam ka katra bhi jinko dariya lagta hei.
Because sometimes you can’t find your way out.. sheeshmehal mein eak eak chehra apna lagta hei.
Because sometimes deewar is the only way to go.. deewaroin se milkar rona achha lagta hei.

Because I am in this kind of a mood..
Because I don’t even know why..
Because I love this song no matter what..
Because listening to it for some reason soothes the crying heart.

Trip report

  • Talks about doing something together one late evening after dinner with friends.
  • Email confirmation on who all would join.
  • Two amazing women search, call, repeat to find a place to accommodate everyone.
  • Hope given up, owing to lack of place to stay.
  • One place found.
  • Let the planning begin.
  • While the guys sorted out drinks and things to do, the women got down to the most important thing.. ‘What to eat’.
  • Endless emails.
  • 15 adults, 7 kids, 6 cars, 4 hours road trip, 3 houses close by, 1 house designated the central meeting place.
  • Grill cleaned and manned to produce grilled – corn, burgers, pineapple, chicken, paneer, onions, bell pepper.
  • Sitting in front of the bonfire late into the night playing antakshari with gems like ‘Nain ladjayehe’.
  • Marshmallow samores for company.
  • Breakfast of eggs, pancake, hash brown, bread, cereal, poha, cut fruits.
  • Packed lunch of cold sandwiches with different kinds of spreads (pesto, mayo, butter, roasted garlic, chocolate peanut, green chutney), cheese (cheddar, american, pepper jack, fresh mozzarella) , bread (white, 8 grain, baggette), veggies (tomatoes, onions, basil), phel puri mix to be made on location.
  • Dinner of chicken biryani, veg pullao, dahi wada, papdi chat, pineapple + suji halwa.
  • Fireworks of all shapes and sizes.
  • Ending the trip with breakfast of potato sandwiches, waffles, fruits and anything and everything leftover.
  • Trips to snow covered mountains.
  • Hiking in the snow
  • Kids snow sledging their way up and down a small slope with parents for company
  •  Impromptu stops at lakes to sit, talk and relax
  • 3 days of not knowing where your kids were.
  • Bigger kids taking care of younger ones.
  • All adults keeping a general eye on all the little people.
  • Buzz becoming a tail of a 8 year old didi.
  • Didi’s little sister and Buzz arguing over didi where ‘My didi’, ‘No my didi’ were heard about 100 times a day.
  • ‘This one cries anytime she is hit’ (as in even lightly touched) heard from the mouth of a 6 year old. Buzz sweetheart, very true that.
  • Buzz just as she is about to sleep, ‘Star, mere tim tim star?’, as she remembers the glow stars glued to the ceiling of her room.
  • Kids laughing out loud while watching Mickey Mouse on VCR while Buzz, the lone ranger, hording all the colors and scribbling non-stop on a paper, carpet, her t-shirt, hands, mouth.
  • No cable TV, cell phone reception, internet connection.
  • Good friends, drool worthy food, calm of the woods, gorgeous vistas, happy kids, laughs all around.
  • Perfect!