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Love Affair

The first time we were planning a beach vacation Bhaiya and A said they would join in as well. For convenience of lounging around, talking late in to the night and feeling a home, all of us decided renting a condo made much more sense than taking individual rooms in a hotel. Since the cost would be split two ways we also agreed it made more sense to pay a little extra but stay on the beach. We looked for ocean front condos only. First step in to our condo all those years back and I was in love.

Closing your eyes as the sounds of the waves lull you to sleep, the cool ocean breeze soothing you, waking up to the peace and quiet, leaving first footprints of the day on the sand – LOVE!

The one time we stayed in a resort, the crowd, the beach lined with recliners and umbrellas, the distance from room to the beach – all things considered it was not my idea of a beach vacation.

This time around we booked a ground floor condo. The kids had to walk the patio, grass and sand to get to the water. The look on their faces – priceless! With almost no one around, they ran along playing with boogey boards, collecting flowers and leaves from the garden, collecting stones and shells from the sand, swimming in the water looking for fishes, making sand castles, coves and dams.


Endless games and they would step home the minute they were tired. There was food cooked per their taste, there were naps when they were sleepy, there were very few long rides in the car. It was all about staying put and having fun.

We added another snorkeler to our family and she could not have enough. Buzz and D would head out to the ocean every morning with smiles and come back excited about some fish they saw.


Bugz, our little stickler for order and cleanliness, did not like having her feet dirty. She decided very quickly that the grass and the water were for her but the sand was not. Which meant someone had to ferry her around on the sandy parts, till she saw the rest of us having fun making sandcastles and would forget all about the dirt and join in.

D, got to snorkel to his heart content. He was happy with the fishes he saw, excited about the blue, green, pink, white corals but that he came across a giant turtle on our last evening there was the highlight of his trip.

As for me, I had my early morning runs on the beach, I had my time playing with the kids in the water and in the yard, I had my snorkeling trip, I had my sunsets, I had my perfect relaxing vacation!


As we left the airport, I looked down at this view. It is breathtaking and I am glad we got our little peace of paradise in the paradise islands.


As I told D “My love affair continues!”


3D Park
Flower Garden
Air Hot Balloon
Hot Cocoa
Jungle Camping
Rainbow Butterfly
Self Portrait
Space Travel
Sticky Heart


Every Sunday Didi gets to go skiing while Bugz stays at home. Not to be left behind Bugz has found her own way out.

Oven mittens and hairbands! And she is seen skiing all around the house. Didi perfected the design a little but all credit for the prototype goes to the littlest member of our household.



Anyone want to come over for a demo?


Saturday night and preps for dinner are on. With Pav Bhaji on the menu, I start taking out the various vegetables from the fridge. Buzz comes and asks , “Can I help Mumma?”

I hand one of the vegetables to her, to carry, when Bugz says, “Me help, me help!” and gets handed another vegetable. Once done, they take turns putting potatoes in the cooker, smiling all the way.

I move on to cutting the vegetables and they move on to their games. They talk and laugh and a little while later Buzz comes and pulls out a pan and Bugz takes out a couple of spatulas. I look over every once in  a while as things get added to their pan. Just as I finish up, they declare their cooking done as well and I am called to get eating.

Welcome to dinner Buzz and Bugz style.


Bonus points if you can identify their various ingredients – Noodles, Pasta, Paneer, Potatoes, Cauliflower and a few more.


Too much love

Sunday morning blissful sleep is interrupted by little fingers tugging to climb up on the bed. Little person is followed by a little blanket. Which is followed by squeezing between the two big people and non-stop moving till the perfect sleep position is found. What is the ideal sleep position you ask? It is the precise position on Paa’s arm, were the biceps bulge. Once the perfect position is attained, fuss is made to get the blanket on. And yes, only our very own little blanket will do. All settled it is time for everyone to relax and get back to the sleeping part of the program.

Little changes to the above scenario happen from week to week. How different you ask? Add to the scene above:

Since Paa’s hand is stretched and he opens his eyes long enough to see Maa’s hair over her face, he moves his fingers to get them off her face. Once done he starts playing with her hair. And everyone go to sleep just like that.

Are you going ‘awww’ yet? Such a love filled family picture.

Right! Picture abhi baaki hei mere dost:

Smack comes a sound and 3 pair of eyes open up in bewilderment at the sudden noise. One more bewildered than the others but of course. Accused look thrown and the story stumbles out.

Someone was troubling you and I got in to a fight to protect you. I gave him one.

Yeah, yeah Maa knows all about the ‘giving him one’ part. After all she took the blunt of the dream and the aftereffects. So much for ‘To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, till death do us part’.


*song playing in the background ‘Dil ke armaan aansuon mein beh gaye’*