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Technology, please help!

What I currently do as I cook, clean, give the kids a bath, put them to sleep is scream ‘No’ in various degree of urgency. No matter what I am doing, I am constantly tuned in to sounds around the house and turning to look where both the kids are. Slightly charred Rotis are a small price to pay when it comes to keeping them away from being hurt and the endless drama that follows.

What I need is a device that watches the kids like a hawk in every corner of the house, figure out that they are doing something they are not supposed to and call out in my voice, ‘No *insert kid’s name here’. It would also be nice if it could figure out what decibel the said no should be sounded in to make the most impact.

What I did yesterday, because I had to reply to a very important email, was keep saying ‘No’ every now and then and sometimes add a kids name randomly.  Worked out well for a bit till, luck of draw or call it whatever, I happen to call out, ‘No Buzz’, in bit of a shriek. Footsteps running, she came to a halt next to me and asked,

What did I do this time Mumma?
err..nothing baby! Mumma got scared that you were hurt.
Don’t scream at me for no reason, Mumma or I will tell Papa when he comes home!


What I think I should do for now is record one word, ‘No’, followed it with a pause of 3 or so seconds  and play it in a loop endlessly (past experience teaches me that adding a kids name can land me in more trouble so skip that) , till the time technology catches on with my needs.

Where is ‘an app for that’ when you really need it?

Without wires

You see them as you walk down the you you sit in a park. All the so-called wireless devices which have got us more connected to everyone than the wired devices themselves. We have gotten to a point that you can’t step out of the house and not see a person talking on the cell phone..or checking emails..or listening to music..or playing games on their phone..or watching a video..or getting directions..

I took Buzz to the park a few days back, since the sun was out. The place was filled with little kids..running around..playing..doing what little kids do, and all I saw were a handful of parents actually playing or even watching their little ones play. Most sat on the various benches doing something or the other on their cool new wireless devices, glancing once in a while to see what their kids were up to. And it left me wondering..with all the technological advancement..the always staying connected..aren’t we missing out on the actual day-to-day life of the people around us? Are we not getting so dependent on these phones or music players or whatever that we have forgotten what is it like to spend some me time?

Even relaxation now means watching a podcast..talking to someone..surfing the net. What happened to going for a walk and looking at the tree..smelling the flowers..watching kids play? What happened to curling up with a book and turning the pages..the rustle of the pages..letting your imagination sour with each word you read? I know the new PDA’s make reading a book easy, even on the go..but to me that somehow is not the same as when I hold a book in my hand..the the anticipation I have as I read the back cover..the smile I have when I open to the first page.

As I sit across this couple having lunch with the guy on his Blackberry and the gal on her iPhone, looking up to order what to eat and going back to their hand-held devices, I have this sadness that comes over me. This has what technology brought to us..the technology which is suppose to help us in always staying current on the going has made us tune out the feelings, emotions that make us has made us become unaware of our has made us totally unconnected to the people around us. 

We are now more tied up in invisible wires of technology..than we ever were with the wired devices.