Climb on..

The past couple of weeks has been all about climbing..Chairs of the dining table..the couch..the bed..the rocking chair..the stairs.. Attempts are on to climb in to the crib..the bath tub..the kitchen platform..the table.

In short it is about conquering what the adults can do and the little person can’t get to. So a daily scene in the house is: Trying to climb something. Even if there is support to put a foot a little higher (like the bottom rail in the chair), that is not to be used. The knee is put on the seat which is the final destination of the climb. Hands stretched out wide in order to hold on to anything that can be held. If the seat is not too high then hang and use some brute force to climb rest of the way up. Then sit on the seat, back against the back rest. Mighty pleased with self.

If the seat is too high.. dangle in the air.. try for a bit.. continue to hang on.. scream at top of the lungs to either be helped down or pulled up. If pulled up..back against the back rest. Mighty pleased with self. If helped down..Repeat.

End result – end up on the seat. Back against the back rest. Mighty pleased with self.

But..but that is not enough is it? So stand up on whatever has been climbed and conquered. Jump with joy. Don’t pay attention to where the feet land. So inevitably land on the backside with a big thud.

Final result – come crying to Maa/Paa, rubbing whatever body part is hurt. Stop crying only when Maa/Paa rub the same part for you..telling you It’s OK

This obsession of climbing is not going anywhere is it? I knew it. Better work on nerve strengthening.. Sigh

PS: While rock climbing, the person doing the climb calls out ‘Climbing’. The person belaying calls out ‘Climb on’. So that both are prepared with all equipment in place to start the climb safely.

60 thoughts on “Climbing..

  1. see this is how it starts, and then it turns into what Ma and Pa do – climb rocks, mountains, and take so many awesome aerial pics 😀

    after all the apple has not fallen far from the tree 😀

  2. Wow! that’s spirit Buzz…you’ve got the conqueror’s mind and winner’s spirit….you’ll go places girl 😀 😀

    Hugs to the little fairy 😀 😀

    1. I know .. see this is wat Comfy does to all of us 😛
      I feel like hvng a climbing baby altogether 😉 😉

      1. Lolz!!!! Yes I definitely wanted to have one after reading this and picturing the cute bum rub ;P .. but then good sense prevailed as I looked at the mirror ;p … better idea Swaram you have me and Buzz shall teach it how to climb and make you climb walls! ;p

  3. Hehe.. That is so adorable.. Such an adventurous kid :).. and your description.. it made me visualise the scene as if it was happening right in front of me.. made my morning 🙂

    1. Yup I can so visualise too.. She must be looking so cute…. Awww…. Muah to all those places where she lands and hurts .. esp the Bum 😛 …… you have such a live entertainment in your house … I am J!!!! *touchwood* though 😀

  4. hyii buzz here aunty doin a hi 5 to you…atagirl!!

    Comfy you kow everytime i read your blog, i realsie we should so start plannin for a baby now…touchwood,

    and ohh thanks a bunch for wishing G, the man was absolutely surprised on seeing so many people wishing him…we had an awesome day..thanks again

  5. Good…good…see there’s so many things you don’t even need to teach her…she’s such a quick learner…adventurous and determined…so what if Maa/Paa have to help her once in a while….she gets to her destination!!! 😀 ;P

    Loads of hugs for Buzz darling!! 🙂

      1. Fussing over her falling and getting hurt is your job Comfy!!! 😀
        Ask me…I had to keep a keen eye on A Jr all day long and the moment I tried to stop him he used to cry like I’m Gabbar Singh!! 😛
        Now you don’t want to feel that, do you?? 😉 😀

  6. Ohh yes,the love for climbing,i have experienced it too,she is done with all inside house,and now she climbs upto two floors upstairs,but seems to be scared to get down,hows it with you?

    1. Stair climbing is a big hit..the coming down is a work in progress. She can belly slide down without any hitch..but wants to come down just like we walking down..which we don’t let her do..

      So she saw no one was around over the weekend and the next think we heard was 7 thuds on her falling down and a big cry.. 😦

      Thank God for wood stairs and carpet on top..

  7. How cute and adventurous is she!!! I already have something I can learn from the little darling – how not to be afraid of heights or falling down and just go for it! Love her spirit…hugs and kisses to buzz baby.

  8. For all the women above me going “awwww” in the past few posts, you want a close up picture of the used Diaper?

    LMAO! Just kidding. Buzz is so so so cute, and I’m going awwwww too. You’re so so blessed to be a mommy Nam. God bless your family.


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