Month: May 2012

Singing Saturday – Teri yaad saath hei


Ashk chalakte nahien,
Lafj jubaan per aate nahein,
Muskuraate hein honth,
Nazareein magar chamakti nahein.

Yaadoin ko samete,
Chalte jaana hei aage,
Bematlab hei mudkar dekhna,
Kadam magar aage badhte nahein.

Naa jaane kya hei likha,
Naa jaane kya hoga aage,
Samay ko hei chalte jaana,
Dil ke eak dhadkan jo ruki magar, ab chal paati nahein.

Eak aawaaz goonjti hei,
Mastishk ki gehraayiyoin mein,
Dhundti hei tumhein dhundali parchayioin mein,
Tum jo gaye magar, laut kar aate nahein.

Clash of lessons

As I get Buzz ready for the day, I talk about how not to take anything offered by any stranger. I talk about how they might take her away and she might never get to see Mumma and Papa again.

You don’t want that to happen do you?
You tell them, no. You can say that you have to ask Mumma or Papa for permission before taking anything from them.
Candy bhi nahein?
Chocolate bhi nahein?
IceCream bhi nahein?
You do not take anything from others without asking Mumma Papa’s permission. Again, what do you do when someone you don’t know offers something like candy to you?
Pehle please bolna aur phir thank you.*

Face meet palm! Palm say hi to face!

At least there are some lessons she is learning well!

*First say please and then thank you.

Better late

I meant to write this in April but April said auf Wiedersehen before I could even blink my eyes.

Before I say anything, I think every parent should go read this. These are guidelines for Little League but they make sense in day to day life as well, after all the end goal is to try and protect our kids from abuse.

Now on to the little steps D and I have started taking. We spoke about it at length and decided ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’ was the way to go for now. Our task was further simplified on Buzz’s last visit to her pediatrician’s office. *Start digression* Buzz thinks Doctors’ offices are special. After all Mom kept going to one while she was pregnant and then for post-natal checkups as well. Bugz gets to go frequently too, what with all the monthly checkups and immunization visits. Papa had a few trips in the middle for some reason. Which meant Buzz was the only one left out of the loop. Added to that Buzz’s trips to the doctor’s office are a lot of fun. New toys to play with while we wait, no hurt or pain of any kind, a sticker and lollypop in the end. Who would not want to go to the doctor’s office? *End digression* Her pediatrician spoke to her about her private areas and that no one was supposed to touch them.

For all the times Buzz refused to pay attention to what we were telling her, she listened to her doctor in the first go around. We have been keeping at it since. It is all play and games for her but at least she replies back with correct answers when asked:

Who is allowed to touch your private area?
What do you do when someone touches you there?
What do you do when someone tells you not to tell Mumma or Papa?

After which we move on to jumping on the stairs or splashing in the water or whatever else we were doing.

Will this help? I don’t know, but I hope it does. I really hope it does.