Month: March 2010

Travel Thursday – View from our Condo – Hawaii

Planning a trip to Hawaii, we spend a lot of time debating if we wanted to stay in a hotel and get a garden view room or rent a condo which has an ocean view,the price of both being the same. One one end was the view. On the other, the luxury and all the frills that come with staying in the hotel. In the end, the view won.

As soon as we stepped inside the condo we were sure we had made the right choice. To be able to have meals watching the clear blue sea. To sit and soak in the cool breeze in the evening. To fall asleep to the sound of the waves crashing outside. To get up in the morning to the roar of the sea. Bliss.

To wake up in the middle of the night to find D standing in the balcony camera in hand. To step out to see what caught his fancy. To see the moon shine bright. To see the effect of its illumination on the sea below. Heaven

PS: I know this is not a travel post per say. But since March was Sea, Ocean, Beach month mostly because Misty said she had been waiting for it, and since she loves the moon so much, I thought I would end the month with this post.

Slip away

The wonder does not seem to leave her face, as everyday during bath time she tries to catch hold of the water flowing through the tap and can’t. Sometime perplexed, sometimes plain joyous as her hand gets wet but fist comes out empty. I move to cup some water in my palm. She dips her fingers in it and smiles. Yes Maa can hold water. She tries again. No luck. She looks at me again, mouth wide open. I open my palm and let the water flow and then we both jump in to get down to splashing the water in the tub and getting wet.

Recent visit to the beach. An uncertain her. This ever shifting ground made for a very shaky walk. Till she stumbled down and her hands hit the sand. Sand would not stay in her tiny hands either but at least some of it stuck to her palm which is some consolation. The hand, as if needs to be asked, promptly went in her mouth. Left for a scrambling Maa and Paa. Very quick reflexes required, else she was eating what she could not hold.

Need I add..Buzz loves sand and water a lot. So what if she can’t hold them, no matter how she tries 🙂

Getting ones point across

This past weekend morning, I was sleeping in and D was taking care of Buzz. This is how, I am told, things went down.

Dad and daughter are playing in the living room with lot of rolling and jumping is involved. Which are resulting in laughs and giggles.

Buzz once in a while stops her play and says: Mummm
To which D replies: Maa is sleeping baby. Paa and Buzz will play.

After a little while Buzz heads to the kitchen. She does tend to play there a lot so D lets her be and out comes his smart-phone and he precedes to checking emails, catching Facebook statues and the likes. There is a big thud in the kitchen and he looks up to see Buzz lugging a small icebox which generally contains her milk when we are  going out and at night (because I don’t have the energy to get up to grab milk from the kitchen in the middle of the night). She has somehow managed to get the icebox down from the kitchen counter (remember the loud thud) and continues to half drag and half carry it to D.

Once she gets to D, she points to the icebox emphatically and say Mummm.. D’s flickering tubelight lights up full blast.

Buzz has been talking non-stop, the past month or so. But dumb parents that we are..we don’t understand a third of what she says. It took me forever to get that I was Mummmaa and food was Mummm. And there were numerous pointing at the kitchen and fridge before she got the point across.

Buzz has now ensured that D never forgets the difference either 🙂

I got up to the site of Buzz sitting contentedly in D’s lap drinking her milk

This thing called Love

The newly married us..a freshly landed in this part of the world me..went on a road trip. Jet lag, home-sickness, all the wedding high, giddy with happiness..everyone came along. Long drives, beautiful snow-capped mountains, lush green trees, smooth flowing road, blue-green watered rivers..

A fantastic trip. So the ever outdoorsy D comes up with an idea to cap the trip in style.

D: Let’s Bungee Jump. *all excited*
Me: What? Really? *praying he is not serious*
D: It will be so much fun. Perfect way to end the trip. Man that will be so much fun.
Me: Where will we find a place to jump? *praying harder* (this was back in the day when smart phones were not the norm)
D: Oh I researched about this place about a half a day drive from here.
Me: You researched already we have half a day to spare? Maybe we should head home. *eyes closed, blood circulation stopped in hands from holding on to the seat*
D: Naa..and even if we are late, I am driving so we will be fine. We will get home a little late. So big deal.

My silence (I was praying you see) is taken as agreement. And off we go. Once we get there, we are taken to the top of the bridge to see how high we will be jumping from. Then send down again to sign papers (our lives off).

Me: Why don’t you do it by yourself?
D: What is the fun in that? This way we can always remember the trip and that start to our marriage.
Me: I am scared *mumbles*
D: Did you say something?
Me: aaa..I said, I don’t want to.
D: …
Me: …
D: …
Me: …
D: That’s my girl, you go jump first. I will click pictures from here. I will go next.

So I make my way back up to the bridge, on jellybean legs. Once up top, these two dude..shorts, ear studs, arm band, get the picture right? any ways these two dude tie a cord around my ankles

Dudes: Do you want to dunk in the river water below?
Me: Err..No?
Dudes: But what is the fun in that?
Me: Dude that statement is what got me in this kind of trouble. Don’t use that line on me. If I have to do this at least let me get out of this ordeal without being sopping wet. *all in my head of course* *aloud* No I am good, Thanks. No dunk in the river.
Dudes: Cool.
Dude1 Goes and adjusts the length of the road accordingly
Dudes2: We will say 1. 2. 3. Bungee and you jump on Bungee.
Me: Sure whatever you say *barely audible whisper*
Dudes: Ready?
Me: *just look at them, with horror in my eyes*
Dudes: 1. 2. 3. Bungee *scream*
Me: *Nothing keep standing*
Dudes: OK again. 1. 2. 3. Bungee *scream*
Me: * Look down and keep standing*
Dudes: Do you want to give you a nudge on Bungee?
Me: Let me try one more time. If I don’t this time, you may the next time.
Dudes: Cool. 1. 2. 3. Bungee *scream* *PUSH ME DOWN*
Me: *Let out one short scream before starting to concentrate on the breathing part*

And that people is what happens when you are stupid in love and do things because love is blind and all that 😐 So let this be a lesson to all of you..

And now he wants me to skydive. But the love blinkers (at least the blind ones) are off and I am standing my ground.

Random Somethings

Me tagged by Trish and Nuttie and me needs to write seven RANDOM things about me. Now me has written strange things about me, 10 honest things, answered 100 round round questions, 5×5 scratch me head but oh what fun questions. So 7 kis khet ke mooli ke baayen haath ka khel hei.. (special translation for Revs..So 7 is which farm’s radish..this is me’s left hand play)

  1. I can tell if a wine is good or bad just by swirling it in the glass and smelling it. D finds it very amusing. I am his wine sniffer.
  2. In college when everyone was getting ready to give their GREs I was taking it cool, since I was very sure I was not leaving India ever. Other countries held no allure for me but for cool places to visit. But as the way things go, I was the first one in my batch to fly out of India. Sigh, thing one does for love.
  3. It has been years since I moved here, but I still sigh as I stand in front of my wardrobe ’cause I want to wear that half that I don’t get to wear as often as I like because I don’t like extra attention and wearing an Indian outfit is like a beacon to attract crowd.
  4. I have never baked a thing in my life and am not even tempted to. Every time I look at a recipe for something to bake, I drop the idea the minute I get to the sugar and butter part. I love to eat baked goods but don’t want to spoil the fun by knowing the sheer amount of fat that goes in to it, else my mental calorie count ticker will go off and I would not enjoy any of it.
  5. I LOVE with a capital L, Love sweets. And could not stand any while I was pregnant. So I am compensating now 😛
  6. I can stand strong and hold my own under the toughest of situations. It’s the simple, everyday things that can make me break down and cry buckets.
  7. I can’t help but laugh when I hear someone else laugh out loud. To me that is the best sound ever and 100% contagious.

This is not as easy as it sounds me me is now going to catch 7 of you to go through some look at self ‘Me’ time. Me tags ChatterBox, Dew, Mavericshree, Misty, Ramit, Revs, Varsh

Travel Thursday – Seagull watching

Every time we head to the beach there is this patch that attracts me. It is this seemingly dry patch in the water-logged beach edge.

Dry patch

And I, for some reason, can’t help make my way to this patch. As I get closer, I spy Seagulls, landing and then sitting on this part of the beach that they have claimed as their own.

Getting close

Excitement level mounts. And I make my way all the more quicker to these white, gray birds. Alas by the time I take my first step on the dry patch they start to shuffle forward.

On the move

The wings begin to open up. The air catches them and lifts them higher.

Take off

By the time I get to their chosen spot they are in full flight, gliding, dipping, lifting. Moving farther and farther away. Flying higher, much higher.

Fly away

When I leave the spot and move on, I sometimes spy them land on their marked spot. And we proceed to play the game over again.

I only wish to share what I’ve learned – the very simple fact that it is right for a gull to fly!
– Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Oh no..

I am turning out to be one of those Moms..

  • who is constantly complaining that her kid does not eat enough.
  • who is thinking of buying a hair clip for her baby, because her hair is always on her face. Knowing that it is not going to stay in her hair but will land in her mouth and may make its way out through her stomach is what is stopping me.
  • who is obsessed about the safety of any and everything the little one puts her hand on and keep constantly washing her hands.
  • who is over smitten with her baby.  
  • who wants all smiles and hugs from the little one directed her way.

This is what happens when one opens their big mouth and say they will never do so and so. Karma comes back and bites you big time. Help someone..anyone..I need an intervention.. Anyone..Please.. 😐

*Goes off looking for the total chilled out self*


Varsh came up with this tag (some people have all the creativity I tell you), completed it in style (and aah what style) and went ahead and tagged me. I have been scratching my head to come up with half decent answers since. Knowing me, if I don’t do the tag soon, I would never get to it. Not done, not done that, at all. So I am running head on inside the tag and will hopefully see you all on the other side.       

5 pathetically horrible movies you’ve seen        

  1. Ajab Prem ki Gajab Kahaani – OMG, this movie is a classic reminder of don’t judge a movie by its cover..err.. its music.
  2. Citizen Kane – We were looking for some good movies to watch. Came across this in ‘Greatest movies of all time list’. I guess I am not cut out for all time hit movies because I could not, no matter what I did, could not make my way through 119 mins.
  3. Dil Ka Rishta – What was I thinking to want to see a movie with Miss Rai? Oh yeah, I was still dumb enough to want to droll over Mr. Rampal. Learned my lesson didn’t I?
  4. The Truman Show – I am not a fan of Jim Carrey. Can’t stand his movies for most part. But friends dragged me to see this movie. I hated every minute of it. And then promptly went ahead and forgot all about the movie, till a year later one of my friends made it her point to remind me that I had indeed see such a movie. Sigh, why did she have to do such a thing? I was so happy not remembering.
  5. Devdas – I can’t stand SRK drunk and Aishwarya Rai crying. So avoided seeing this movie for 2 years, till I was on a flight to India and this movie was playing. They finished the movie in 2 hours flat, with a song..2 dialogs..a song..2 dialogs..a song.. But still 2 hours of torture. Now if only there was not this ginormous screen in front of me and the songs did not look good and I did not have to keep awake, I would have saved myself the torture.    

5 accessories you can create out of food        

  1. Necklace – String a whole lot of shell pasta to make one.
  2. Bob Pin – Asparagus can be used as is to make amazingly good-looking bob pins to be placed in the hair to hold on to a bob.
  3. Pendant – Hard boil an egg, peel the shell, cut a thick slice of the thickest part, remove the yellow. have a pendant to be put in any string or chain.
  4. Ring – A thick Lady Finger/Orca can be cut at its thickest part, the seeds in the center removed to make a finger ring. (It would help if you had real thin fingers :P)
  5. Bracelet – String together Blue Berry and Black Berry alternately to make one.   

5 places where you won’t be seen dead at        

  1. Disney Land – Buzz might one day make me eat my word, but till then I am standing strong against princesses and their castles. Shoot me if Buzz makes me step in to one OK.
  2. Reality TV – Can never understand how people can be so stupid as to go on TV and act the way they do. Is 15 mins of fame truly worth it?
  3. Neiman Marcus – Or any other high-end retail stores. I can never let myself spend $200 for a pair of jeans or buy $100 candles.
  4. Rock Climbing a multi-pitch climb – I hate am not too fond of rock climbing but go and climb a little once in a while..Sigh things one does for love. But I no there is know way I can stand more than one rope length of rock climbing. That would kill me.
  5. Mc Donald’s in India – Yes I am shallow like that..not that I go to Mc. Donald’s here but when in India I am looking to eat at a Sukh Sagar or a Kabab House. I could never understand the charm of Mc Donald’s  when I was India and now I don’t get it all the more.

5 people you’d love to hit, anytime, anywhere    

  1. Nosey Aunty – All those aunties who keep getting their claws in everyone’s business.
  2. Some Desi’s around – Not talking about it. Wait for a humongous post if I can get over my anger.
  3. Developer at work – Dude, can you please let the rest of us know when you change core code just because you don’t like the look of it. It will save us, the rest of us, hours and hours of debugging time.
  4. Clothes makers – Can you people not find any other colour for children clothes other than Pink and Blue. I mean come on, really.
  5. Insensitive people – How about thinking just for a minute before you speak. Just listen to the stuff that come out of your mouth.

5 things you’d do to scare anybody   

  1. Fiddle with light switch – Back in the hostel days I figured out that rooms had different switches in the mother board for lights and fans (something to do with the way the wiring was done amongst various rooms. A plan was hatched. When the hostel was almost empty due to some holiday and most girls had gone home, one person was marked.
  2. Tie strings to doors – We went to a floor above, dangled string from the balcony to this room’s balcony. With some pretext went in to the balcony of this room. Tied the string to the door from outside and left the door unlocked. When it was dark, someone manned the mother board, someone the string, someone threw pebbles at the window. The light went on and off, so did the fan, the balcony door opened oh so slowly and pebbles hit the window. The poor girl came screaming out of her room.
  3. Hide behind doors – Only to have a couple of us scream at her outside her main door. She was so shook up that it took her an hour to calm down 😀
  4. Creep from behind – This is of course the most common one. Creep from behind, don’t make a noise and then say Bhooo..
  5. Tell ghost tales late at night – Another classic hostel scare. Some person who committed suicide in this very room..etc.. ect..

  OK. Now your turn. I need to tag 5 people. So here goes Celestial Rays, Dido, Swaram, Geeta, Saya