Wordless Wednesday – XXIII


70 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – XXIII

        1. Aiyoo..even if I get a day off..I don’t think painting toes will make the cut.. list too long..so much I want to do.. toes are at the bottom of the list now 😛 😛

      1. Now come on Comfy…you can climb mountains…take pictures of rocks and the ocean and active volcanoes…but you can’t redo your nails and show us how they look??? Hmpf!!!!

        No excuses…coral nail paint it is…next WW for us…there’s another weekend coming up…don’t be a lazy girl and do it for us 😉

          1. Wow it is such a nice thing to have this beautiful place near by.

            Come back come back Comfy. 😛
            Hum aap ki bhanvana yein samazate hain ! 😉 😀

            Sigh. only if this e-run could make lose some calories. 😛 😆

            1. It is..There is just so much natural beauty around.. I think I am spoiled now.. 🙂

              I am with you about the e-run.. If I could lose some calories..I would not stop the e-run ever.. 😛 😛

        1. What maniacs..they are the best.. add an extra something to the whole scene.. 🙂

          This park by the lake is very popular hangout during the summer..so there is always someone singing or playing a guitar or drums or something.. 🙂

  1. Wow… awesome.. WW is oozing romance today it seems 🙂 (not mine!) .. you know what you should consider photography on a serious note 🙂 … you have very precise timing and steady hands 😀

  2. This is so beautiful. Serene and still water and soothing, setting sun. Nature at its best. Great photography 🙂

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