Month: January 2011

Yay Yay Yay

Morning Duty: Drop Buzz off to day care.

I was giving her one last hug before I made my way out, when grandma of some kid, who had come to drop her grandkid, turned around and exclaimed:

GM: Oh my, she looks just like you.
Comfy: ((shocked)) Really? No one ever says that.
GM: I am sure. She looks exactly like you.

Yay yay yay.. ((Floating on cloud 9)).. Buzz looks like me. Buzz looks like me. Buzz looks like me. 😀 😀

Moral of the story: Never be seen with Buzz when D is around.

 (bitter??) Truth for life: Enjoy this feeling till he is. 😐

Family of cats

I got a new animal picture book for Buzz, a few weeks back. As I read all the animals names to her,
Me: meerkat
Buzz: MeCat [as in Buzz(Me)+Cat = Meerkat]
Since then every time we got to Meerkat she would say Mecat. But in the last few days she has moved on to Mummacat, Papacat.
So now just so everyone knows, we are a family of cats. All thanks to Buzz. 😀 😀


Menacing, threatening darkness..
Thick black clouds..
Deluge of rain..
Look out for the sun..Hope!

Angry river swells..
Turbulence batters..
Spinning with the eddies..
Trust the boat..Faith!

Waves, big and small..
Storm looms big..
Lightning crackles..
Beauty in colors..Joy!

Vast, endless ocean..
Blue above, blue below..
Lines merge, almost invisible..
One speck of land..Love!

Hope, will positive outcome..
Faith, believe good things await..
Joy, ray of sunlight in the storm..
Love, ultimate destination.

Be Quiet

The living room.

D sits on one Sofa, Comfy on the other. Buzz is standing next to Comfy with a book open.

D and Comfy are talking about something important.

Buzz, who wants Comfy to read the book to her.

Opening scene:
Buzz trying to get Comfy to focus on her. D and Comfy continue to talk.

Buzz runs in front of D, eyes angry, index finger out:

Oooooo laaa baaa baaaa

Stunned silence for 20 seconds before D and Comfy are howling with laughter.

And that is how we effectively ask people to be quiet. 😀 😀


Some questions asked..
over and over again.
Answer to others come..
without seeking.

Solving certain mysteries..
takes a lifetime.
Some unravel..
before even realizing.

Smiles aplenty..
tears countless.
Both when happiness flows..
when sorrow takes over.

Questions endless..
Mysteries unexplored..
Emotions, the lifeline.

Little helper

I now have a little helper, a helper who throws a tantrum the size of a little hurricane..which includes rain (tears), shrieking winds (cries and rants), storm surge (banging on things and kicking on the floor)..if she is not allowed to help.

So as I make my way upstairs to do the laundry, I have to remember to say loudly, ‘Buzz Maa uper washing machine mein kapde daalne jaa rahi hein’. Even before I can make my way up the stairs, I spy the helper going up with as much speed as her little legs allow (which is FAST). As I open the door to the washing machine, I see the helper’s hand in the laundry basket, getting the first set of clothes out and putting them in the machine. Every single cloth that goes in after that is fought over, if I so much as try to put them in. When the bottom of the basket cannot be reached, it is thrown sideways and crawled inside, to get the last of the clothes out. Once the basket is empty, the door is slammed shut with all her might. I am finally allowed to pour detergent in the slot, but again am not allowed to shut the slot. Then while she fiddles with the various buttons pretending to get the machine started, I go and start the machine. We then do a repeat performance with her almost getting inside the washing machine as I transfer clothes from the machine to the drier.

As I stand in the kitchen, cooking and cleaning, she is seen around my vicinity every now and then. But the minute she hears the dishwasher open, everything is dropped. Then she comes running. While I put the dishes in, she plays with the spoons, banging them, droping them, moving them from one slot to the next. But the fun begins when it is time to empty the dishwasher. She has a knack of picking up the most fragile things first. Which of course has me worried no end. So as I rush around emptying the breakables first, I turn around to see her holding a coffee cup or a glass. Once those are out of the way, my little helper hands over anything and everything she can lay her hands on (which is everything in the dishwasher but for the middle row in the top rack). Things like plastic containers are not even handed over, but placed directly in their correct place. If the dishwasher is opened for less than a minute and closed before she can get there, she makes sure to open it and shut it, to ensure her part is done.

Cleaning up and stacking her toys and books is not part of her assigned tasks (because of no fault of mine, I have been trying to assign them for a while now).  But then again to be fair, all I need to do is start cleaning and my sweet little helper is right there besides me, cleaning up. Well sometimes we even clean what we are not supposed to or get on Paa’s case for not hanging the jacket in the closet, soon after coming back home. But those are all little things. She is learning, she is growing up. Maa and Paa can’t be prouder of the little worker bee of theirs. 🙂

In Buzz’s world currently..

– Oh is the start of every sentence: ‘Oh Tiger’, ‘Oh khaana’, ‘Oh nose’

– Anything or anyone who is laying down or is half reclines i.e. not sitting up straight or not standing up is sleeping. ‘Lion nini’, ‘Papa nini’, ‘Doll nini’ are heard all the time. Oh and eyes even half-shut means nini, no matter what.

– Any place with tables and chairs is a place to eat and demands for ‘khanna’ are made, without a break.

– Anyone on the phone is Nana, Nani

– Every other baby is Buzz, even animal babies: ‘Mumma eleshant. Me!!’. While pointing to Mumma elephant and baby elephant.

– If Maa/Paa, for the fun of it, pronounce anything just the way she does, she will keep repeating it till Maa/Paa say it right.

Buzz: Buttershy
Maa: Buttershy
Buzz: Buttershy
Maa: Buttershy
Buzz: (with a perplexed expression) Buttershy
Maa: Butterfly
Buzz: (smiles and moves on) Water shalo

– Maa cannot sit on the sofa for more than 5 mins. ‘Mumma utho.. mumma all done’ quickly follows, till Maa gets up and starts to play with her.

– Animals are the current love, that she can’t get enough off.

– Preference for Maa and Paa over the other changes every single day.

– ‘Saare Saare’ is said in place of ‘bahut saare’ and ‘saare ke saare’. ‘Saari saari car’..’Saare saare TV’..’Saare saare balloon’

– Maa is given a kiss, followed by, ‘dusra cheek’ and a kiss give on the other cheek. Maa is not complaining. 😀