Month: December 2012

Year End

There is cheer everywhere. People are celebrating. Everyone has a smile on their face. I as usual stand on the other end of the spectrum.

The ever so organized me (NOT!) pushes out the non-important things like err..eye appointments, dental checkups, yearly doctor visits to when I will have some time and then come December the clock starts ticking. There is mad dash to get all the various appointments before the benefits for the year expire, schedules are checked and rechecked to shuffle all the various visits. Add to the mix are the kids’ pick up and drop offs for their various doctors’ visits and work that does not stop.

End result is a crazy, cranky, stressed out me.

We almost always add last minute unplanned vacation to the already crazy timeline, which ends up needing figuring out airplane tickets, accommodations, car rentals, packing.. argh

Between D and I, we  dropped Buzz off to school, attended work for half a day, went to my doctor, dropped eye glasses prescription, went to D’s doctor, went shoe shopping (yes yes all me :D), searched for and booked airline tickets, planned the trip and booked various hotel rooms, booked rental car, picked Buzz up, shopped for gifts for a friend’s kids, visited the said friend’s house and spend a couple of hours there, clean the house (yes that is also all me. Stupid idiot that I am, needs the house clean before I go on a trip), pack up for the trip. All in one day!

Is it any wonder that I am not fond of end of the year? And not fond is putting it mildly.

But finally all the i’s have been dotted and t’s have been crossed. Vacation, here I come. Year end, I am ready to enjoy everything you can throw my way. Life, I am ready to unwind for a bit.

Hope you guys have a great last few days of 2012 now that the world has not ended. See you all on the other side of 2013.

Pigeon Hole

Mornings are my time with the kids. We play, sing, dance, jump, spin, run – have fun. It is also my time to introduce my favorite songs, as a child, to them. Not consciously but that is what seems to happen. I remember a song randomly, start singing out aloud, Buzz joins in, we modify it here and here, sing them out loud and we laugh along, till a few days later we are on a new song.

About a month back, I started on a song called Bang bang Lulu. The tune is catchy and Buzz was hooked. It soon got modified to:

Bang bang Bugz, Bugz’s gone away. Bugz has gone to bang bang, oh Bugz has gone away.

A few days later I hear D singing:

Bang bang Bugz, Bugz kabootar (pigeon) re. Bugz has gone to bang bang, oh Bugz kabootar re.

I burst out laughing as I asked him what he was singing. He replied, ‘I am singing the song you girls sing’. Apparently in his sleep induced haze, that he used to listen to us singing in, Bugz turned in to a Kabootar. No matter the number of times I correct him or play the original to him, Bugz continues to be a Kabootar.

He took it a step further this morning when he added:

Bugz has a boyfriend, boyfriend kabootar re. Bugz has gone to bang bang, oh Bugz kabootar re.

Well at least Bugz and her boyfriend are of the same species. Small mercies!