Month: March 2011

Where is the ax?

Day 1:

I am super tired and can’t seem to keep my eyes open as I sit in front of my computer at work. All owing to the bad night Buzz had the night before, which meant I got almost no sleep. I pick up the phone to call D.

Me: Whine
D: Stop right there.
Me: But I still have ‘whine whine whine’ left.
D: Just go home and get some sleep.
Me: hmm.. maybe I will do just that. I will come to pick Buzz and you in a couple of hours.
D: Send Bhaiya. You go sleep.

I lock up my computer, wear my jacket, get the car keys out and head home. And am fast asleep less than a minute after my head touches the pillow. Only to wake up with a start. Oh no! it is time to pick the two of them up and I did not even tell Bhaiya to go pick them. I frantically call D to see if he can pick Buzz up and till then Bhaiya or I will make our way to pick the two of them.

D: Calm down. Where are you?
Me: Still at home.
D: Great, you stay there. Buzz and I will take the bus back.
Me: Are you sure. It will take way too long.
D: Yeah, yeah. Buzz is fascinated with buses so might as well introduce her to one.

Some 45 mins later Buzz comes running inside.

Buzz: MUMMMAAA. Papa, me bus. Zoom. Bus. Me me bus, Mumma.

Paa can’t seem to wipe the smile off his face.


Day 2:

As is normal with us, I go to pick Buzz from daycare. Soon after we step outside, she takes one look at the car and lays down on the road.

Buzz: Nahein Mumma, no car. Me bus. Me bus mumma. Car nahein.

I somehow get the kicking screaming hurricane inside the car and drive on to pick up D. Again as in normal when he gets inside the car:

D: Hi Buzz, kaisa hei beta?
Buzz: *Nose up in the air, looks the other way*
D: Kya hua Buzz?
Buzz: *Nose still in the air, gives him one look and looks away*
D: What is wrong with her?
Me: You are not taking her in the bus. So she is upset.
D: *Deep belly laughs*


Two days more have passed and I am the one who bears the blunt of kicks and punches that are thrown as a way of showing resentment for not taking her home in a bus. Isko kehte hein ‘Apne pairooin ke khud kulhaadi marna’.

PS: Now D tells me he will take Buzz home in a bus come Friday. God only save me!

One in each hand

Bhaiya and I sit on the couch talking when Buzz comes running from the corner she has been playing in. She spots the peanuts in the bowl I have on my lap and quickly scrambles on to my lap. Once she is seated comfortably she holds her hand out for a peanut. I place one in her palm and tell her:

Achche se chabaa kar kahana.

Without acknowledging what I said, she holds out her other hand in front of me. With a smile, I hand over another peanut in her other hand. Satisfied she shows off her two peanuts to me and gets down to eating. Bhaiya who has been watching the exchange says with great amusement:

Tere raajma, iski mungfali.

Kon se raajma, Bhaiya?

Tujhe yaah nahein? Every time Maa made raajma you would keep two aside in the plate to dry them a little. Then hold one in each hand, call them your salad and eat them one at a time, making them last a while.

Do I remember any of this? No I don’t. But for some crazy reason I am so glad that Bhaiya does and let me in on a little bit more about my long forgotten little self. 🙂


Dear Buzz,

How did you know that I had a super bad night? I was up almost all of it because something was bothering you. When it was time for you to get up in the morning, I was too drained so your Paa brought you in bed with us. In my sleep I felt your little hands touch my face as you drank your milk. My eye lids fluttered with a kiss you gave me. The soft ‘I lub oo’ that you said for the first time gave me the energy to get up for the day. How did you know I needed those words so much, sweetheart?

How did you know that I was having a crappy day? When I came by to pick you up from daycare, you took one look at me and came running. Gave me big smile before you hugged me and did not let go. You who is off running and playing with all the toys, as if you won’t see them ever again and want to play with them one last time, the minute you see me. The same you just held on, not letting me go. How did you know I needed that hug so bad, little one?

Most time people say, parents have an antenna when the child needs them. But I think you have developed a very special sensing system of you own. And I can’t be thankful enough. Stay the same you always.

Love you loads,


I was at the grocery store when I spied Mangoes. Here I should digress and tell you that I heart mangoes. Heart, heart, heart. And come summer am seem bemoaning the fact that we don’t get mangoes or at least nice sweet ones here. So anyways, I spied them and quickly made my way to them, all the while praying that they were somewhat good. I picked one up.

Touch test – hmm, not like a rock and not pure pulp.
Smell test – aah, they smelled like mangoes and not odorless like what I get most times.

After which I very carefully selected mangoes replacing the hard and odorless ones from my pack and adding the ones that held the most promise to make up my crate of 9. With a lot of anticipation and a huge smile on my face, I stepped inside the house. D took one look at the mangoes and said, ‘Here we go again. You know they are never good, don’t you?’. I shrugged and walked on.

Left them out, untouched, in the kitchen for a couple of days. After which I picked one up, and it seemed perfect. Mango was cut in to slices, front and back and sides and the best part ‘the guthally’ or the core.  Taste test – YUM!

Buzz is a very fruit person. Which means she can live on fruits alone. So I was super excited to introduce her to my fav. fruit. I cut one slice in to bite size pieces in a bowl, placed it on the table and made Buzz sit on the chair. I sat next to her with the rest of the mango. Buzz took her first tentative bite and was hooked. We both sat side by side, eating till Buzz got done with hers. She asked for more. I looked down at my plate and all I saw was my best part. With a sigh, a little crack in my heart, I taught her how to get the pulp off of the core. She picked it up like a pro and all the pulp was gone in no time.

Next day was the same story. The only difference being that Buzz finished her portion way faster and asked for more and more portion of MY mango. Cut to now where we are both seen gobbling down the mango as quickly as we can, to get the most share. And (insert cry, cry here) no matter what I do, I am not allowed to take even a single bite of the core. She has claimed it as hers and is not willing to part with it.

What do they say, ‘Sheer ke munh khun lag gaya’. So yeah, ‘Buzz ke munh aam lag gaya’ and now I can never have my mangoes in peace. What was I thinking again?

Singing Saturday – Sabse peeche hum

– I have a weakness for the male voice when it comes to songs. If a song is sung both by a male and a female 99% of the times I like the male version better.
– I have a weakness for soft, soothing music. That is not to say I don’t like dhinchaak music. I love turning on the volume and tapping my foot along with it. But in my ‘at peace with myself’ time I always tend to gravitate to the soft, soothing kind.
– I have a weakness for songs with pure voice, where musical instruments and beats don’t overpower the soulful voice.

‘Sabse peeche hum’ checks all these boxes for me. Mohit Chauhan’s voice. A guitar, a harmonica and few notes on the piano once in a while. Beautiful.

Terri aankhoin kaa jaado saari duniya pe hei.

Take that

Last night Buzz and I went to D’s office building to pick him up. He was in a meeting which was taking a its own time to get over. We had no choice but to wait, so waited we did.

Buzz called out..

Me paas Papa aajao

..every minute or so.

15 mins or so later D came running, got in to the car, smiled at Buzz but got no reaction from her (she had taken one of her shoe off and was busy playing with it). D made a long face and said..

She is not even happy to see me.

No, no. She kept saying, ‘Me paas Papa aajao’, till she saw you coming.

She said all that? (Turns to her) Buzz phir se bolo, kya bol rahe thy?

Buzz looked up and promptly handed her shoe to him.

Take that Papa. This is what you get for making us wait for so long. 😀

Wake up..

Papa utho, aaaa daaan nini,

says a little voice. He promptly flips sides to face away from her. Not to give up easily either, she scrambles to get on the bed, jumps over him, lays down next to him, puts her hands on his face,

Papa utho. Utho Papa.

Then starts a fight for every single inch of blanket which she tries to pull off and he tries to keep on.

Jaao mumma pass jaao.

Nahein Papa, aaaa daaan nini.

Tug of war, sitting on Paa and jumping, hugs, kisses, changing sides, getting off the bed and back on. The saga continues on and on. Till he gives up. He, who always has trouble getting up in the morning.

Me, who always had (please note the *had*) trouble getting him up in the morning, because he would tell me off? Aah life has become so easy for me. All I need to say is,

Papa ko bolo uthjaayein,

and she is off running up the stairs. I just sit back and laugh at the drama that follows. What fun.

Nutty did not want to take up your comment space, so made a post out of it 🙂

Please stand up

All you people who liked ‘Dabangg’ can you please stand up. I have a few questions to ask.

What was so great about that movie? Seriously am I missing something? Out of shape, stiff as a board Salman Khan trying to do Matt Damon Bourne like stunts and horror of horrors Keanu Reeves Neo style slow-mo backward bend. The guy seems to be having trouble just moving, why make him jump around. To top it off ‘Hum tumme itne ched kardenge..yada yada yada’.

My first movie to watch for the year and I picked Dabangg. I watched only 3 movies last year and if that continues for 2011, it would mean I wasted one on this one? I want to go cry somewhere, after I rant and rave about all the amazing reviews about this movie. I should have listened to D. He did ask me a couple of times, ‘You want to watch a Salman Khan movie?’

Done, back to Salman Khan ban.

hmph.. 😐

Songs to sing

Buzz style.

Comfy: LMNOP

Buzz: Old McDonald had a phone..
Comfy: Farm.
Buzz: Phone EE YA EE YA O (in slow motion)

Buzz: 5 montey jumping bed. Montey aaaoovviii.
Comfy: Sigh!

Buzz: Happy you know did.
Comfy: Whatever.