Whispered words

A video chat, where all audio communication is one-sided. A tired toddler is the one hogging all the limelight. The other end holds on to their part of the deal by smiling at the antiques and typing messages every once in a while.

Tiredness takes over. Climb on to Maa’s lap. Eyes close shut on their own accord. As a step is taken into deep slumber the other end yawns big. Two mins in, eyelids flutter. All is still.

I whisper good night, bestow kisses on the two sleeping darlings on either side and close the video conference.


Cell phone set on silent mode vibrates.

Me: *whispers* Hey
Him: Can you speak a little louder.
Me: No
Him: How is she doing now
Me: Still has a fever
Him: Give me details?
Me: She is sleeping right next to me
Him: *whispers back* Oh OK. Let her sleep. Will be home in a bit.


Eyelids open. She looks at me,  in fever induced sleep.

She: Hi Mumma
Me: Hi baby

Eyelids fall back. Sleep takes over.

*whispered* I love you sweetheart. Get well soon.



46 thoughts on “Whispered words

  1. awwww baby … Get well soon… *calling out to all angels appointed to look after babies* – I like our Buzzie on the feet and irritating Amma and making us burst to giggles – Not fair on your part to do this!!!! We love you Buzz … get back on those tiptoes real soon – mmmuaaah and hugs

    P.S: Hugs to you to Comfy … she’ll be good soon 🙂

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