Buzz got this ‘Spin and Learn‘ toy as a gift a while back. When the top star is pressed down, a song is played with goes something like

Do Re Me
Take a spin around the sea, meeting friends, feel the breeze
Take a spin around the sea, come let’s play

The song is not very clear and takes quite a few times of seriously trying to listen, to figure out what the words are. Buzz did not play with it a whole lot, till the past couple of weeks. Now out of the blue it seems to have become her favorite toy. The song is heard every few minutes as she plays around. Now dotting dad that D is, has never paid attention to the song. Every time the song is played, he sings along

Do premi
Eak Cinderella thi, beauty queen, beauty queen
Eak Cinderella thi, chal chalein

And THAT is how the crazy world at Comfy’s goes on 😛 😛

34 thoughts on “Listen..Understand..

    1. I guess..and D is real good at it.. he actually makes it seem like that is the original song..

      BUT I think it comes for the ‘not paying attention’ gene and them making things up as you go to save you ass gene’ 😛 😛

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