Where Buzz goes to the Beach

She held out her hand and placed something on my palm.

The sun was out, prediction of rain for the next few days. A quick trip to the beach was planned to make the most of the last few days of summer before Fall came by in full force. We had never been to this beach before, so were not sure what to expect. It turned out to be more of a pebble beach than a sand beach. Which was perfect for Buzz, since she is scared of water because of the big wave that hit her when were last on the beach. The smooth oval rocks acting as the perfect play things, to put in her mouth, to throw in the water, and laugh out loud as they sunk in with a plonk sound.

As we got her to get one stone or the other out of her mouth while she conveniently ignored us, she kept looking at the ground. Suddenly she bend down, picked up a something, came over and reached out her hand.

I held whitest of white stone in my hand, with its perfect oval shape. 

The handover complete, back she went to playing. Only to come back a few minutes later to hand another rock to me. Of all the gray, brown, beige rocks, she picked another white one and handed it over to me. And went on to do the exact same thing a couple more times.

I was left holding on to 5 white stone of various shapes and sizes, thinking what to do with them. Now crazy, indulgent mother that I can, I could not make myself throw the stones away. They hence sit in a pocket in my bag. With me trying to figure out a way that I can use them.

One of the stones I am planning on getting a pendant made out of, something along the lines of Sea Glass Jewelry when I next visit India, and keep aside for her when she is old enough. Any ideas of what else I can do? Would love to hear them 🙂

60 thoughts on “Where Buzz goes to the Beach

  1. awww ..such a nice idea ..I am sure buzz will be so exited about it when you give it later..

    you can try making a photo frame and decorate with these pebbles(if they are not very heavy)

  2. Comfy…this is the beginning…clear a shelf, a lots of bags for more such collection…OMG…How much my daughter herself threw out later, scolding me for collecting garbage !!! LOL !!!! But, all those were hers… 😉 😉

    Buzz collects only white ones..huh ??? So cute. 🙂 🙂

  3. that’s an awesome idea…to make something out of the pebbles and surprise her when she grows a little more 🙂

    I agree with Uma here..I remember I was surprised to see my doodle collections all in place which mom use to collect and keep it intact whereas I used to forget it after drawing it on newspaper or back of the notebooks…and later I only told her to trash all that!!! But mothers hold all these things precious !

  4. 1)fish tank decoration. white pebbles with silver star stickers on them look great.

    2)stick the tiniest of them to her fancy hat, make a pretty bow around.

  5. Aww you know what little Buzzy wanted to tell ya with those white pebbles?? You are the RIN Brightest Mom in the world 🙂

    Make a scarp book with her photos on the beach and decorate it with those pebbles and shells etc from the beach.

    I am a mad Scrapbook mom and am sure one day the son will disown me for making pages and pages of scrapbook out of his nude baby pics 😳

        1. oh yes me too…I have made a ‘Sunday Fun Book’ of me and H 🙂 I keep adding things to the same like photos,some thoughts,cuttings from here and there…whatever comes to my mind and suits the theme 🙂

  6. What a super awesome mother you are, Comfy. 🙂 I’m sure Buzz is going to love you so much for doing this 🙂

    Oh, I also have picked up some white pebbles / stones and one sweet looking brown one in the past. It’s fun, really, looking for these. I am sure Buzz had a blast 🙂

  7. That’s so very sweet of you Comfy..beautiful thought 🙂

    Pendant is a fine idea..why not make a ring and a bracelet with a single stone to go with it. Am sure Buzz will be super delighted to get it as a set together 🙂

  8. Omg you are so creative!! I need to take pointers from you 🙂

    If anything definitely hold on to them, I have a huge box of sea shells and stones that I have collected all through my childhood and nearly had a heart attack decades later when my mother asked me if she could throw them out! Now they are sitting in a box in the basement and they will live on and on…I should get a crafts book on seashells – sigh!

  9. i wud never have thot of mking jewelery out of stones..i wud think of very boring and conventional things like using them as paperweights… or putting them in a planter…or may be placing them in the right place in a garden(ie. if i had one!)

  10. Hi…

    The pendant idea is great…

    I pick up pebbles all the time…well sometimes they are like rocks…very heavy…I usually decorate them by painting and use them as a paper weight or just decoration. One of the “pebbles” I found had a peculiar shape and I wrote about it in my blog…

    And yes…I am one of those who collects the oddest of things and has had to throw out alot because my parents thought it as garbage…especially with the number of shifts of house we did…I guess they had no choice. 🙂 …but I still keep collecting…my small room in UK is already filled with stuff like that…waiting to be used 🙂

  11. Awww… that is so cute!
    You could probably get her to make her own rock garden on the table or the corner of the kitchen top counter? That would be awesome and the collection of rocks and the garden would grow with her! 🙂

  12. I am not one who can advice about creative stuff! But what you should do is put pics once you decide and do something with the pebbles!

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