It's time

It has been crawling its way in for a while, gaining ground inch by inch. The drum beat getting louder and louder. No matter how hard I tried to shut the door, it kept seeping in.

It is here now. Can’t be ignored. Has to be faced.

Time for the big D. DISCIPLINE .. here we come 😐


42 thoughts on “It's time

  1. Yes u need disciplining…buzzie baby go right ahead and discipline this comfy ma!!!

    u need help ask ur bloggie aunties…

    Hmmmmmphhh comfy!

    p.s. did u really think u will get support HERE OF ALL PLACES????

  2. Ughh! Dread that Big D! Like every mom I want to keep it at bay and hope my baby will be disciplined on its own when time comes..wishful thinking 😛

    BTW, wanna know more of what steps are you taking and how? Be very nice and soft with Buzzie pls comfy!

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