Dear Buzz,

I wonder, do you have a sixth sense or have an antenna which tells you when I am having a horrible, beyond word crappy day. Is that the reason why you push me the most, test my patience the most on a day like that. I do wonder.


38 thoughts on “Wondering

  1. Awwwww … No look at the postive side comfy.. she just wants to tell you that nothing is more important than her for you to lay importance….

    That all bad and terrible times are to be melted away when she smiles … and that you are the mom … the figure who can endure anything and still be the most comfroting place ..

    Hugggsss darling … sooooper tight ones 🙂

  2. It happens Comfy…not only now…even when they become bigger… 😉

    Now, after the girls entered puberty, they understood so many things abt my uncomfortableness on certain days… 🙂

    Hugs to u darling…take care…. 🙂

    Buzz, be a goody girl. 🙂

  3. and then she smiles or says something adorable and maa forgets her bad day and her impatience!

    Hugs comfy…hope u r having a better day today…! if not go read the copy cat blog or the blog where she throws attitude at the boy in the park and u will feel better..

    —Gyaan Peet Nut!

  4. Oh, Hon, come here.. {{Hugs}}

    I remember reading something in the lines of this somewhere – When you have a bad day and are tired physically/mentally, you do not have your normal patient and involving attitude towards your kid. So, when they notice the change they demand it from you in their own ways. That is when it feels they are pushing you to the edge on an already hard day.

    Not sure if that holds good in your case. But anyway, that seems like a vicious circle, doesn’t it?

  5. Comfy my darl, come here, tight hugs 🙂

    Although, I would like to say(you might not like to hear), that when you are in a crappy mood, prolly it shows. Not that you do it, but it may come out naturally though subtly, and kids do pick up vibes really well… Maybe it spoils her mood to see Maa worried… Just saying, I might be wrong, I wasn’t there.

    Hugs again sweetheart 🙂

  6. Awww hope you feel better Comfy!! I do suspect that our kids are the same on all days but its our patience which is varying and we react accordingly 😦 I had yelled at R so much one night that she went to bed quietly and came back and told P – I want my nice Mommy back…then of course I cried and felt so bad and that Mommy guilt hung on to me for days and days which she duly exploited and got me to agree and do anything and everything for her – buy donuts etc, you get the drift!! Kids!

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