Month: September 2010

It's time

It has been crawling its way in for a while, gaining ground inch by inch. The drum beat getting louder and louder. No matter how hard I tried to shut the door, it kept seeping in.

It is here now. Can’t be ignored. Has to be faced.

Time for the big D. DISCIPLINE .. here we come 😐

Whispered words

A video chat, where all audio communication is one-sided. A tired toddler is the one hogging all the limelight. The other end holds on to their part of the deal by smiling at the antiques and typing messages every once in a while.

Tiredness takes over. Climb on to Maa’s lap. Eyes close shut on their own accord. As a step is taken into deep slumber the other end yawns big. Two mins in, eyelids flutter. All is still.

I whisper good night, bestow kisses on the two sleeping darlings on either side and close the video conference.


Cell phone set on silent mode vibrates.

Me: *whispers* Hey
Him: Can you speak a little louder.
Me: No
Him: How is she doing now
Me: Still has a fever
Him: Give me details?
Me: She is sleeping right next to me
Him: *whispers back* Oh OK. Let her sleep. Will be home in a bit.


Eyelids open. She looks at me,  in fever induced sleep.

She: Hi Mumma
Me: Hi baby

Eyelids fall back. Sleep takes over.

*whispered* I love you sweetheart. Get well soon.


Travel Thrusday – Golden Gate Bridge

A nice, clear, warm, blue sky, not a cloud in sight day. We make our way to the Golden Gate bridge. Drive over it and park at the viewing area on the other side.

Then starts the wait and tactic of finding a parking spot and actually muscling the car in the parking space before anyone else can. By the time we accomplish the feat and step out of the car we see clouds literally pouring in from the small hill above.

A mad dash to take a good look at the Golden Gate before the clouds obstruct the view completely, only to figure out this is the famous SFO fog we are looking at. Which seems to be coming in waves. One wave each for the two towers of the bridge.

A windy, huddle inside your jacket, walk on the bridge. The tower looks amazing covered up by the fog.

As you step up to the tower, fog in sight. The tower stands tall, impressing the hell out of everyone.

Turn around time. Fog is still on the little hill but nowhere else.

Back to the car. No fog to be seen. Only the impressive Golden Gate bridge in all its bright red glory.

Sweet child o' mine

Dear Buzz,

Your Maa and Paa have not been very nice to you this past couple of weeks, have they? First it was the long hours of travel that was involved in the camping trip and then it was the endless hours in the car and airplane on our recent trip. There was no schedule for you. There was no place to nap and no fixed time to eat. There was no play time or even place for you to stretch your legs. You were either strapped inside your car seat or we were constantly telling you not to do this or that.

Through it all you stayed happy, smiling at silly songs, giggling at smallest of games. You slept as we drove and got up when we got to whatever our destination was. You lived on banana and crackers and milk. You played with sunglasses and ribbons and shoes. You ran whatever little chance you got. Not that you did not let it be known that you had enough with your ‘All dones’ the minute the car stopped, or your refusing to be held once your feet touch the ground. But not once did you complain when you were made to sit in a restaurant chair or were strapped in your car seat. You constantly entertained you self with your ‘Hi Tee’ (tree), ‘Bye Coud’ (cloud), ‘Hi Car’, ‘Bye Sea’, ‘Hi Tuck’ (truck), ‘Bye Cy’ (cycle/motorcycle) and so many more.

You were amazing my little one, beyond anything I expected. Singing ‘Wheels on the bus’ some 20,000 times or putting your shoes on some 100,00 times or dealing with a cranky you on the flight back were a small small price to pay. And we needed to pay that price because I guess we did take advantage of your being such a sweet little thing during it all. Kind of a reminder to take your needs into consideration as well. Next time my love, I promise we will do better..much better. Till then, thank you for being you and dealing so well with crazy parents like your Paa and me. Stay the happy child you are, always.

Loads of love,

When Harry Met Sally

..err.. When AHK met Comfy..

better still.. When Paapu met Buzz..

A trip to the land of the Bay..few dozen emails back and forth..some work related hitches..a couple of phone calls later..there she walked in pushing Paapu in her stroller.

Pictures don’t do justice to the beautiful, charming, ever smiling AlwaysHappyKya, who I have to say found the perfect Blog name for herself. Her sweet laugh brightens the day and makes the sun shine a little bit more.

BUT the show shopper was Paapu. Oh my God. What a sweet, happy, gorgeous baby, with cheeks that demand to be kissed. As Amma and Comfy and the ever fidgety Buzz sat and ate lunch, sweet little Paapu sat in her car seat, chewing on her teether ring, followed by playing with her anklets and when all else failed by sucking on her thumb. Not one cry of anger or frustration from the little angel. Not even when I picked her up. She was happy playing and cooing. Such a charmer Paapu is that Buzz who is in her stay away from strangers phase reached out for Paapu the minute she saw her. And Paapu was leaning in as well. Long lost friends meeting is how these two started out with.

Buzz went on to show off her language skills after the initial meeting with chants of ‘Hi Baby’ peppered in the middle with ‘Hi Maami’, which AHK graciously agreed to be. Followed by ‘Bye Baby’ (in a loop). And when Maa refused to take hints went on to ‘Aaaallll Daaaaa’.

I know it has been said over and over again by various bloggers who meet up that it does not feel like you are meeting each other for the first time. And I will pile on for the same. There were no awkward pauses, no looking for conversation starters. Topics just came up and we talked as we ate. It was like meeting an old friends and catching up over good food.. Did I mention the food? No!! 😮 Oh well, it was awesome and for the sweet tooth me, the desserts were to die for 😛 😛

I am so glad to have met you AHK and the little sweetheart Paapu. Buzz would not stop saying ‘Hi Baby’ for the rest of the day that followed.

As for all of you reading..Eat your hearts out 😀