Travel Thrusday – Golden Gate Bridge

A nice, clear, warm, blue sky, not a cloud in sight day. We make our way to the Golden Gate bridge. Drive over it and park at the viewing area on the other side.

Then starts the wait and tactic of finding a parking spot and actually muscling the car in the parking space before anyone else can. By the time we accomplish the feat and step out of the car we see clouds literally pouring in from the small hill above.

A mad dash to take a good look at the Golden Gate before the clouds obstruct the view completely, only to figure out this is the famous SFO fog we are looking at. Which seems to be coming in waves. One wave each for the two towers of the bridge.

A windy, huddle inside your jacket, walk on the bridge. The tower looks amazing covered up by the fog.

As you step up to the tower, fog in sight. The tower stands tall, impressing the hell out of everyone.

Turn around time. Fog is still on the little hill but nowhere else.

Back to the car. No fog to be seen. Only the impressive Golden Gate bridge in all its bright red glory.


42 thoughts on “Travel Thrusday – Golden Gate Bridge

    1. I haven’t..I read every story.. I am waiting for the contest to end to cast my be fair and all 🙂

      And am loving all the twists of Lesbian and Bi and Vampire 😀

  1. Super pics. You know I lived there for 3 yrs, but not once have I walked on that bridge. Because it is the most obvious attraction, we skip it each time. 🙂 Did you visit sausalito town? Its a perfect small town next to golden gate. Wonderful views

  2. always want to capture a photo of golden gate partly covered in fog…like the top of the tower visible and the midsection covered in fog!

  3. You know Comfy Golden Gate without the fog is just like Aish, Bipasha etc etc without make up. The fog is what gives it a mystique feeling. You are now tempting me to post some of the pics I have of this bridge 😛 I loved the 3rd pic the best.

  4. Am glad the fog made a ‘flying visit’ while you were there with camera Comfy…those pics with the fog howevring are fabulous!

    And, that last the heck did you capture that???!!

    Looking at the shot, seems like a capture from a helicopter or something. Or did you just zoom in from some hilly point. Still wondering..

  5. Its beautiful…loved the fog covered bridge more….How nature lends a beauty to man-made bridge !!! 🙂 🙂 Good pics…kudos to the photographer…. 🙂

  6. Okk…everyone has said the pics are beautiful…lovely…amazing…and so on… 🙂

    I say I love Comfy for visiting such cool places, clicking such pics and sharing them with us!! Muaaahh!! 🙂 🙂

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