Copy what??

D picks up his brush. Buzz starts demanding ‘Ba, Ba, Ba’. Her brush is handed over to her. She shakes her head in perfect imitation of how D brushes his teeth.

Once he is done, he sits Buzz down and brushes her teeth for her, washes the brush and puts it away.

I come in and pick my brush. Buzz starts demanding ‘Ba, Ba, Ba’. No matter how many times we tell her she already brushed her teeth, she wants her brush. Once given she imitates me and my  brushing style.


D in one of his ‘I need to get some work out done’ mood, gets out the ankle weights and puts them around his..well..ankles. Commence leg lifts. Buzz looks on in wonderment. A few mins in, runs to the kitchen..opens one of the drawers..takes out a thick black rubberband..runs back to D..puts the band around her ankle. Commence leg lifts.


I am putting my contact lenses as I get ready to head to work. Buzz standing next to me, touches the contact lenses case with her finger..touches her finger to her eye and flutters her eyelids just the way I do.


There is some music playing. D is whistling and snapping his fingers along with the song. Buzz observes for a few seconds, makes a face as if to whistle and blows hard, all the while rubbing her fingers and thumb together.


I am applying lotion to her after having finished giving her a bath. I put some lotion on my hand, she reaches her hand out. I give her a little bit (often times pretend to give her without actually giving her..mean I am 😛 ). I rub my palms together, she rubs her palms together. I rub my palms on her leg, she rubs her palms on her leg.


D sits with his Skydiving magazine. Buzz runs and sits on his lap. First father points to skydivers and parachutes, then the daughter follows. Both with the exact same glint in their eyes.


I am working in the kitchen. Buzz wants attention and is doing everything she can to get it. Which means she is creating a mess. I look at her, shake my head and say ‘unh unh’. Buzz looks up, shakes her head and says ‘unh unh’.


 Copying or learning?? That is the question 😀 😀

52 thoughts on “Copy what??

  1. *does all the naughty things stored in her kitty in front of Buzz and waits for Buzz to copy them* …. errr Comfy am just helping u answer the question u asked – copying or learning 😉 ;)]

    Hugs Buzzie…. go bug Mumma 😀

  2. Here we go again, this is the story of my life too 🙂 The other day, my mom who was staying over for a few days was trying to do her pranayama. The minute she’d take a deep breath, Nikki would render a near perfect imitation in full seriousness making my mom burst into laughter. It was pranayama at its comic best!

  3. and you just wrote a post on disciplining! lol 😀

    che, i just wish i could see it all in person. that ankle weight was brilliant!

    and comfy, next year, the indian govt. will list you and the mad momma as one of the top ten reasons of population explosion in india 😛

  4. buzz buzz I love you :)…ahaa aku still does that with V.He shampoos everyday cause V does.Has appadam with curry cause V does.It is such a joy to see them do that ne and yes you meany please give her a tiny peck of lotion!

  5. Awww! That’s adorable! Learning Comfy, just be careful about what you repeat in front of her! 😀
    I love the lenses bit, imagine her fluttering her eyes! 😀

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