For the past month or so, getting Buzz dressed is getting increasingly difficult. Not because she has started picking out what to wear..YET (she does say ‘Yeah pehenna hei’ as I am dressing her up, pointing to the clothes I have set out for her), but because she has suddenly shot up and the trousers are a tad bit short, the T-shirts are a little bit of a struggle getting past her head. Every time I come across a dress or trouser or T-shirt that she has outgrown, I make a mental note to not dress her in those again. End result being the difficulty in dressing her up, since well there are not too many options left. Every week I promise myself to go shopping for her over the weekend, but come weekend I find myself caught between running errands and social obligation and trying to catch shut-eye. Shopping gets postponed for another 7 days. Well to be really honest with myself, I know there is a part of me who is not ready to pack up the now outgrown clothes. There are stories attached to every single one of those clothes, there is love in how each of them came to Buzz. I still am in shock that they no longer fit.

Back home, a new born baby is not dressed in new clothes. For the first 9 days of his/her life s/he is dressed in hand-me-down clothes. The thought behind this being that the clothes have been blessed by the baby who had worn them before and the good health and amazing growth is being passed on to the new born. On the 10th day a hawan is performed, the baby is dressed in green clothes (don’t ask me why green) and from then on they can be dressed in any clothes, new or hand-me-downs.

My SIL very lovingly send across my niece’s hand-me-downs. A very pregnant me sat and listen to every story my SIL  had to tell..she smiled for the first time when she was wearing this..she turned over for the first time when she was wearing this..see this mark.. I could not help but count my blessings.

D went to India on a business trip while I was pregnant. As I hugged him, happy to have him back, he opened the suitcase and started handing me clothes sent by family for the little one no one had seen yet, but loved no end. At the very end came a green shirt and pajama. Something my MIL had bought years and years ago for D’s future child-to-be when she first figured out she would not stay around to see the child. I have always been emotional about the 4 gold bangles that she had made for me, even without knowing I existed, but nothing can ever come close to my feelings on seeing that green dress.

Saturday afternoon I opened the front door to go out, only to find a box waiting. The from address told me it was from my SIL so I picked it up and walked back in. With great excitement I opened the box to find sweaters and clothes Maa had sent with them on their trip back home and hand-me-down clothes from my niece. I spent the weekend, reorganizing Buzz’s closet. Old clothes were kept aside. Clothes that just came in were washed and put in place. Now every time I open her closet, I have a smile on my face. There is so much thought and love in those clothes. 

Buzz has been blessed all over again.

10 thoughts on “Blessed

  1. I have to tell this story, during our recent India trip, T got a jacket from my sister, which is my nephews, she gave me that jacket saying I could use for T from airport to home, as I lost my baggage and T’s winter jacket was in that. After we came here I got some nice pink jacket which her..but when ever she see this jacket from her brother, she wants that only, its very loose and odd color for girls, we have no other option than agreeing to her..She is always very happy in that jacket..and seeing her happy we can’t be unhappy rt..

    1. aww that is so cute. I love how T wants to wear her brother’s jacket. 🙂

      Personally I don’t worry too much about boy colors or girl colors. If it is in decent condition and Buzz wants to wear it, I let her. 🙂

      1. R is also like you, when ever he does shopping alone he will end up buying boys cloth, and T absolutely love her dad’s selections.I told you right she is a dad fan 🙂 have a good weekend..

        1. I love the color selection in the boys section since it is not all pink which is one color I am sick of in kids clothes, so yeah I do shop a lot in the boys section. 🙂

          You too have a great weekend. 🙂

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