In Buzz’s world currently..

– Oh is the start of every sentence: ‘Oh Tiger’, ‘Oh khaana’, ‘Oh nose’

– Anything or anyone who is laying down or is half reclines i.e. not sitting up straight or not standing up is sleeping. ‘Lion nini’, ‘Papa nini’, ‘Doll nini’ are heard all the time. Oh and eyes even half-shut means nini, no matter what.

– Any place with tables and chairs is a place to eat and demands for ‘khanna’ are made, without a break.

– Anyone on the phone is Nana, Nani

– Every other baby is Buzz, even animal babies: ‘Mumma eleshant. Me!!’. While pointing to Mumma elephant and baby elephant.

– If Maa/Paa, for the fun of it, pronounce anything just the way she does, she will keep repeating it till Maa/Paa say it right.

Buzz: Buttershy
Maa: Buttershy
Buzz: Buttershy
Maa: Buttershy
Buzz: (with a perplexed expression) Buttershy
Maa: Butterfly
Buzz: (smiles and moves on) Water shalo

– Maa cannot sit on the sofa for more than 5 mins. ‘Mumma utho.. mumma all done’ quickly follows, till Maa gets up and starts to play with her.

– Animals are the current love, that she can’t get enough off.

– Preference for Maa and Paa over the other changes every single day.

– ‘Saare Saare’ is said in place of ‘bahut saare’ and ‘saare ke saare’. ‘Saari saari car’..’Saare saare TV’..’Saare saare balloon’

– Maa is given a kiss, followed by, ‘dusra cheek’ and a kiss give on the other cheek. Maa is not complaining. 😀


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