Singing Saturday – Aashayein

When there is hope to get something..were there is the dream that is special.
When effort is done over and over..every difficulty is surpassed.
Every storm is sawed open..every destination is snatched.

Not really true all the time in life. But such a soothing thought.

This song to me is full of hope, full of getting where you most want to, full of getting there because you want to get there with everything you have, full of being the best you can be, full of inspiration with a sense of joy.

A dream starts it all. Hope keeps it alive. Persistence moves us closer. Happiness comes from getting there.

Guzree aisi har raat raat..ho khawaaishoin se baat baat..
Lekar suraj se aag aag..gaayeja apna raag raag..
Kuch aisa kar ke dikha..khud khush ho jaaye khuda..
Aashayein khile dil ki..ummeedein hanse dil ki..
Ab mushkil nahein kuch bhi..nahien kuch bhi.


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