After a super busy day at work I picked up Buzz from her school. Mentally exhausted and still pre-occupied with things at work, I was not really paying attention to what she was talking about.

Her talk was the normal what she did in school, what she ate, the car in front, the traffic light, the cop car and whatever else that caught her fancy. I would respond back every now and then, or so I thought till she said,

Aap mere se baat nahein kar rahe (You are not talking to me)

and that too in an upset tone.

Per main to baat kar rahi huin (But I am talking to you)

I replied back.

Nahein, aap siraf hmmm bol rahe ho (No, you are only saying hmmm)

And I have another one of my ‘My-baby-is-growing-up-too-fast-and-understands-a-lot-more-than-what-I-give-her-credit-for’ moment.



14 thoughts on “hmmm

  1. I guess it happens to all of us… hriday was telling me a story of how the tortoise got his house on its body yesterday and I was humming and he then suddenly asked me at the end how it happened and geee… I had no clue what he spoke and that was it for him to fold his hands and go away ! 😛

  2. Oh my god, this conversation sounds exactly like how I had with Chucky, she told me many times while we drive back home, I am busy with my thoughts and she is busy with her talks. she says “why are you saying hmmm, say yes or no mamma”

    we all go through same feeling huh?

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