Jab mein badi hojaaongi*

Don’t know if it is true for all kids but for Buzz everything is about her growing up. Every single day, multiple times a day, for one thing or another, her sentence starts with ‘Jab mein badi hojaaongi..’

‘..I will sit there’
‘Where’ I ask.
‘There’ , she says.
I take my eyes off the road for a second to look at what she is pointing at only to realize her finger is pointing to my seat.
‘Oh so you will drive the car?’
‘Yeah, and Bugz will sit next to me’
‘And where will Mumma sit’
‘Here in my car seat’


‘..I will sit in the emergency exit row on an airplane’


‘..I will go to work’
‘What will you do then?’
‘I will take the bus to work sometimes’
‘And what will Mumma do?’
‘You will also go to work’
‘Can Mumma stay at home and rest up?’
‘Noooo, Mumma will also go to work. Kobe is the one who is resting**’


‘..I will cook for you’


‘..I will go skydiving with Papa’
‘What will you do?’
‘I will go up in the plane’
‘Then I will jump’
‘What will you do next?’
‘I will open the parachute, come down and then go back up in the plane’


‘..I will also run out of patience’
Which hit home on how frequently I say that these days


*When I grow up..
**Kobe Bryant had an injury and was resting and that is what rest means to her


12 thoughts on “Jab mein badi hojaaongi*

  1. lol!!! Kids are so full on enthusiasm and plans for future. Sadly they don’t know that when we were kids we used to plan *for future* but now we want to go back to childhood days 🙂

    And yes they do have a capability of showing us the mirror 🙂

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