Convoluted thoughts

The drive back home, after I pick Buzz from school every evening, is always a question and answer session, where in I am always left amazed at the swiftness with which topics are picked and discarded.

The sun is still not out completely. Is it still playing with the clouds?
Is he having his food? (She was eating her evening snack and hence the food question, I think)
No, the Sun does not eat.
But the car eats, right?
Car eats gas.
*Big ahha moment for me. Remembering the conversation with D on how we needed to refuel the car and him saying something along the lines of ‘Man this car *drinks* (uses up) gas too quickly’*
Yes, car eats.
And drinks gas as well.
Yes and drinks as well.
Why is that gate closed?
*Looking at the locked gate of the local electricity distribution unit*
Because there is a lot of electricity there and if anyone gets too close they might get hurt.
Our house also has electricity, right?
Yes, it does.
Mixer truck helped build our house.
Yes, it did.
How does it work?
In the big cylinder of the mixer truck they pour cement, sand and water. Then they rotated the cylinder so as to mix everything together. The mix is used in buildings.
They used the mixer truck to build your office?
And my school?
And the gas station?
Yes, and the gas station.
Do we need gas today?
No, we don’t.
The car is not hungry today?
Car has enough food for today.
Oh because the sun did not eat any?

Which is when I have my realization that all thoughts are connected in her head even when to me they seem like random jumps from one topic to another.


28 thoughts on “Convoluted thoughts

      1. ready mix concrete..that mixer which mixes all the stuff…it can also be done on a travelling truck and its called RMC *well occupational hazards of being having your closest cousin and best friend as civil engineers*

        I thought Buzz saw that and asked you!

        1. Aah! Now I knew about RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete), RMC I forgot all about. Tells you how long it has been since I read about all this stuff.

          Buzz saw that a while back and asked about it. I gave her the basic concept. She keeps bringing it up every now and then. 🙂

  1. Whoa! So much structural thinking. Love how she draws the connections. It is we most of the times distracted with first world problems like cooking,cleaning, office, kids, husband etc. 😀 😀

    1. Exactly! Every evening when I pick her up, I am planning rest of my day. Cook, give her a bath, spend some time with the kids, put Bugz to bed, put Buzz to bed, clean, pack lunch and on and on. Which means I am the one who is not paying much attention to what she is saying and where she is going with it all. That is one thing I need to fix on my side.

    1. It is cuteness sometimes. At other especially after an exhausting day all you want (at least all I want) is for them to not speak for 5 mins. Alas never happens 🙂

      Which is why I came here to write it down because it really was sweet and funny and was about her and not about my crappy day.

  2. 😀 That little munchkin of yours stole my heart with her cuteness years ago, and now it’s happening all over again; this time she’s stealing a special spot in my heart for her shrewd mind 😀 I love her, you know that right?

    1. Oh I am not even trying to say that I am anywhere close to her when it comes to smartness. She is the smart one for she has both her parents running after her like dumb idiots. 😐

    1. Don’t remind me about how big she has become. That just makes me sad. My baby is all grown up 😥

      I don’t seem to find the time LF. It is after forever that I am even replying to comments, else I just let that slide as well. 😐

  3. I knew it. I knew it. I told you. Buzz has a razor sharp brain. Who else can come up with such logical, well constructed and connected questions at her age? Nobody. She is the best.

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