Wordless Wednesday – VIII


27 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – VIII

    1. Going pro would be too costly..expensive camera..expensive lenses..and to figure out how to add those filters and doctor those images..and not get paid for any of that.. 😮

      I love taking pictures..and am glad you guys like them..that is enough for me 🙂

      As for the tag..as someone else said..ask your her..and she will tell you tons of strange things about you 😉

      1. Ask her? As in actually ask her in live life and not dreams? 😛

        What makes you think I’d have the guts to do that? 😛

        Don’t want my nose punched in! (again) 😦 😀

  1. Beautiful pic comfy !!! Simply love your pictures. How did you focus only the flowers? I love taking pictures but my knowledge in photography is almost equal to zero.

    1. The camera did the trick..I just pointed at the correct place… 🙂

      I know nothing much about photography..but love to try capturing various things.. 😀

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