Strangely Me

Some things one can’t avoid. By running away without commenting on BM’s tag  I thought I was safe but then Celestrialrays went ahead and tagged me :). So here goes..

  • I always need to have no unread mails in any of my email accounts. So I check my various email accounts multiple times a day and read all mail and delete all junk emails. If my Inbox ever shows even a single unread email and I have to run out for something real important, I mark it as read before leaving else it stays constantly on my mind till I get back.
  • I dreamt, I was out for a jog, every single day while I was pregnant. Now that I am not, neither do I jog nor do I dream about it 😦
  • Since Buzz was born I always know when she is up from her nap even before she makes a single sound.
  • No hot drinks for me, no matter the temperature outside or the time of day. No tea, no coffee, no hot chocolate, no hot milk.
  • The first thing I notice about a person is their shoes. Before their eyes or face or anything else, shoes it is for me.
  • I always leave everything in my office, the exact same way and can tell in one glance if something was moved even an inch.
  • I was born in a small town in northern India. Have stayed in Calcutta, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Bombay, Bhopal, Delhi, Bangalore (not in this order), did my engineering from an REC and am now here. So that is 10 cities in all. But I know no other language but for Hindi and English. Every new place I went, I taught people to talk in Hindi rather than learn the regional language myself :). I have no knack for languages 😦
  • The first thing I bought while shopping for my wedding were a pair of black 3 inch heal sandals. High heel shoes fascinate me. May be because I was the tall one always and had friends who were 5 feet nothing. They would wear these really stylish shoes while I was stuck with flats. Did I wear them? Not really but thanks to D’s height I at least can buy them if I want 😀
  • I need the house to be either spick span or don’t care how dirty it is. So D knows he is done for every time I start cleaning. Because then for weeks at end I keep at it and don’t let him touch (dirty) anything.

I tag:

Matt – Because I am sure he will come up with some super cool strange things about himself.

Chatterbox – Because she writes such good stories and I would love to know the strange side of her.

Ramit – Because I would love to know more about the strange side of him but for his bald head and ability to get his back side kicked.

Elegant Chic – Because I am new to reading her and would love to know the strange her.

And of course if you are reading and you have not taken the tag and want to feel free to pick it up. Would love to know you better.

So go on, go on, what are you waiting for? Tell me some strange things about you 😀


35 thoughts on “Strangely Me

  1. 1 – OMG! I do that too and never thot anybody wud be as crazy 😛 😛 Ppl sometimes ask me if I don’t get mails at all if they happen to see the empty inbox by chance 😉 I even hv all sorts of filters for them 😉

    2n3 – Really really interesting!

    Office thing is awesome!

    U hv stayed in so many cities .. thatz so nice 🙂 I ws in Blr all my life til we came to Hyd 2 yrs ago 🙂

    1. Oh thank god..someone is with me on the First..I thought I was total nuts here.. 🙂

      Yup I have stayed in a lot of cities..and like everything it has it’s plus and minus.. 😀

  2. Alrighty. This is cute. Thanks for the tag. Will do it soon! Maybe even tonight!
    Yay! That’s information about you!

    And about you knowing when your baby girl is awake even before she makes a sound, oh that is so you! You’re the best mommy! 🙂

  3. 2 similarities…

    I have also lived in so many cities…well let me count…6 is the number 🙂

    I used to leave my office desk totally clean before at home too I’m so particular about the placement of things..and even an inch movement and I can tell that things were moved 🙂

    1. Yay..I have company.. 6 cities..which one..which one..Tell me..

      Oh and am glad someone is with me on the knowing anything moved thing..D does not get it at all..He thinks I am crazy..There are so many times were he will move something just a little to see if I notice and then laugh out when I do point things out.. 😀

      1. LOL @ D trying to see if you are right 🙂 H does wonder how do I get to know even if the displacement is about an inch 😉 Men will be Men !

        6 cities-Kanpur,Lucknow,Aurangabad,Nagpur,Indore,Mumbai..and now back to Indore…in that particular order 🙂

        1. Wow..that’s some cool cities Nu..We have Mumbai in common as we already know..

          Besides that I have visited Nagpur and Lucknow..Love love salwar kameez from Lucknow.. 🙂

  4. we are opposites girl!
    I can’t believe it!
    I like to have emails pending to read, and read a whole bunch at one go,,,
    I pick up languages well and love learning new languages (you seemed like Saif singing ‘Chak de chak de’ in that point 🙂 how cute!)
    No cold drink for me, room temperature or hot drinks 🙂
    I notice face first, shoes next…

    Nice post…got to know so much about you 😀
    I still think you are very wise – 3 &6 proves it 😀

  5. ok seriously, it was like reading my own 😀 so many points match comfy

    i read all the mails in my inbox…can’t have unread ones :D…i can’t drink anything hot ever…even on the coldest of days i only have iced latte or milkshakes :)…my office, my room – i know where things go and even the slightest of changes, i can figure out :D…and with cleaning – me too, only extremes; either do it all or leave it dirty 😛

  6. How did I miss this? There we go Mommy! Its fair that you adopted me.

    Yeah, at any given time I dont like to have any unread mails and my spam folder should be empty! You already know I dont drink tea/coffee and thats because I cant drink anything hot/warm. There is this coffee shop near my workplace and it could be snowing outside and I’ll order an iced-frappe and the guy who works there will look at me, shake his head and say “You are a nice girl, but I still think you are crazy” 😀 I’m desperate with languages too. I like learning then and all that. But dint succeed much 😦 Still stand in 3 languages. And yeah, my room is either super-clean(even the pen on the table is kept straight, not in a slanting way) otherwise it looks like a cyclone-affected area 😀

  7. Wow! I am with you on the love for reading e-mails as soon I get them.

    I too am very good at finding out if someone touched my desk, rest since you tagged me and so did Misty and also Swaram I will do this tag as soon I can make it. 😀 😀

    That’s awesome how you’ve lived in so many cities over time 😀

    So gear up to get a scoop of my strange side soon 😉


  8. “Because then for weeks at end I keep at it and don’t let him touch (dirty) anything.”

    my gosh, we had a HUUUUGE fight about this last night. he has decided not to eat at home anymore :P.

    1. 😆 Cool you don’t even have to cook or clean anymore.. We need to have a chat so that I pick up some tricks from you 😆

      PS: Hope you are feeling better now..

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