Wrapped around a finger

You know dad is completely smitten with his baby when the conversation goes something like this.

D: Buzz pyaari hei na?? (Buzz is cute right?)

Me: Haan (Yup)

D: Sundar bhi hei naa?? (She is also beautiful right?)

Me: Haan {with an indulgent smile}

D: Mere pe gayi hei.. (She has taken after me)

Me: ❗ ❗ 😆


51 thoughts on “Wrapped around a finger

  1. Dads …I tell you are always like this. When my son looks super cute my husband thinks that he just looks like him. And when my son behaves like a brat or refuses to eat hubby immediately says that he got all the qualities from me !! 🙂

    1. Seems like all husbands are the same.. But I am no less..since D very proudly says Buzz has taken after him..I put all the blame for anytime she troubles me on him.. 😀 😀

  2. Time to take inspiration from you comfy, will use this strategy on hubby next time.
    @ Ramit….comfy is right….ALL men are just the same !!

    1. lol..they do change a lot as they grow.. 🙂

      Buzz is a mix of the two of us and will stay that..we just like to pull each other’s leg 😛

      And she already only wants Mommy when I am around..so there..she might look like D..but she wants to be with me. 😀 😀

      And I know, things will change again..but I am having fun teasing D till then 😉

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