Technology, please help!

What I currently do as I cook, clean, give the kids a bath, put them to sleep is scream ‘No’ in various degree of urgency. No matter what I am doing, I am constantly tuned in to sounds around the house and turning to look where both the kids are. Slightly charred Rotis are a small price to pay when it comes to keeping them away from being hurt and the endless drama that follows.

What I need is a device that watches the kids like a hawk in every corner of the house, figure out that they are doing something they are not supposed to and call out in my voice, ‘No *insert kid’s name here’. It would also be nice if it could figure out what decibel the said no should be sounded in to make the most impact.

What I did yesterday, because I had to reply to a very important email, was keep saying ‘No’ every now and then and sometimes add a kids name randomly.  Worked out well for a bit till, luck of draw or call it whatever, I happen to call out, ‘No Buzz’, in bit of a shriek. Footsteps running, she came to a halt next to me and asked,

What did I do this time Mumma?
err..nothing baby! Mumma got scared that you were hurt.
Don’t scream at me for no reason, Mumma or I will tell Papa when he comes home!


What I think I should do for now is record one word, ‘No’, followed it with a pause of 3 or so seconds  and play it in a loop endlessly (past experience teaches me that adding a kids name can land me in more trouble so skip that) , till the time technology catches on with my needs.

Where is ‘an app for that’ when you really need it?

28 thoughts on “Technology, please help!

  1. Lol i bet we need an app for this one comfy. Or an invisible robot can do the job. Think before you scream Comfy 😉 kids too smart these days. Loved the Buzz dialogue.

    1. Baby monitor is stationary. And you need a video monitor if you want to see what the kid is up to. A moving, active kid and baby monitor is of no use. Added to that the sound is one way. You can hear sounds from where the monitor is kept but they can’t hear you.
      Tried and tested so I do know. 🙂

  2. First – hope the comfy family ( including the mom, ofcourse) is out of the cold/sniffles.

    The app sounds wonderful for ..err..obeying kids like Bugs and Buzz. Not for the hurricane that I have in house. She does not give a rats ass about our instruction “No” or anything that follows. Usually requires to be physically stopped and then threatened timeout.

    Oh comfy, I think at this rate I’;; go mad very soon…and I don’t even have a second one in the equation like you yet. Sigh!

    [will call you for some enlightening tips soon]

    1. We are almost there AHK 🙂

      err about obeying kids, it is really the fear of timeouts that keeps Buzz in check. She knows don’t step away from them when needed.
      Bugz is a different story. I should write about that one of these days 🙂

      Call anytime 🙂

  3. I too needed that app till I read AHK & Priya’s comments and realised that my baby shows one response to all I say, “she just goes for it” so NO isn’t gonna work 😥 😥 parenting is very tough *sigh*

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