Without wires

You see them as you walk down the street..as you drive..as you sit in a park. All the so-called wireless devices which have got us more connected to everyone than the wired devices themselves. We have gotten to a point that you can’t step out of the house and not see a person talking on the cell phone..or checking emails..or listening to music..or playing games on their phone..or watching a video..or getting directions..

I took Buzz to the park a few days back, since the sun was out. The place was filled with little kids..running around..playing..doing what little kids do, and all I saw were a handful of parents actually playing or even watching their little ones play. Most sat on the various benches doing something or the other on their cool new wireless devices, glancing once in a while to see what their kids were up to. And it left me wondering..with all the technological advancement..the always staying connected..aren’t we missing out on the actual day-to-day life of the people around us? Are we not getting so dependent on these phones or music players or whatever that we have forgotten what is it like to spend some me time?

Even relaxation now means watching a podcast..talking to someone..surfing the net. What happened to going for a walk and looking at the tree..smelling the flowers..watching kids play? What happened to curling up with a book and turning the pages..the rustle of the pages..letting your imagination sour with each word you read? I know the new PDA’s make reading a book easy, even on the go..but to me that somehow is not the same as when I hold a book in my hand..the the anticipation I have as I read the back cover..the smile I have when I open to the first page.

As I sit across this couple having lunch with the guy on his Blackberry and the gal on her iPhone, looking up to order what to eat and going back to their hand-held devices, I have this sadness that comes over me. This has what technology brought to us..the technology which is suppose to help us in always staying current on the going on..it has made us tune out the feelings, emotions that make us humans..it has made us become unaware of our surroundings..it has made us totally unconnected to the people around us. 

We are now more tied up in invisible wires of technology..than we ever were with the wired devices.


9 thoughts on “Without wires

    1. True..kind of.. I have nothing against technology..I love my internet..my computer..and so many others..
      My gripe is more against the wireless (hand held) devices..and how hooked on we are to them..to the exclusion of all else..That’s why I say ‘invisible’ wires of technology.
      My work never gets left behind because emails comes to my phone.. I am never in peace when out because I am a phone call away.. So many examples.. half the time I want to chuck my cell phone in a bush or something..

  1. sigh..i wrote a comment and it’s somehow missing..anyway here, if i remember right..i said..

    these days i try to make sure i stay away from the computer, ph, tv and such at least a cuple hours a day…i cook, i work out, i go for a walk if it’s not too cold, i read…something, anything..just to tell remind myself that there is a world beyond it 😛

  2. Geeez girl, I confess, I’m one of them too! 😦 I don’t think I could ever leave the house without a cell phone too.

    Yeah, 🙂 but let’s blame the kids, shall we? All they want to do is play on their play stations! So they are never in the parks anymore. So what do we go there for? We can just sit at home and play on another play station! 😀

    Yes, I know, silly comment.

  3. i know what you are talking about…
    i have this thing against the GPS on AB’s iPhone. if we are in an unknown place, on foot, sure it guides us where we want to go, but isn’t it good to get lost once in a while, just for kicks???

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