The date

The due date came and the due date went..Baby made no appearance..

To be quite honest I was expecting her to be late..what with the family history like brother and I were both late and so was my niece. The certainty further cemented by the statistics that say that first time moms generally overshoot their due date.

But expecting and even being mentally prepared for something does not make the occurrence of said any easier to take. When one finds out one is pregnant and a date is set you always look at the finish line..and when you get to the size of a small bus and every movement takes some work you really get to counting days..and when the day passes you get to the uncertain stage..suddenly there is no end point to are there already so what next?? What do to count towards??

Anyways back to the big day that was supposed to be..well as I stated above nothing was happening. Thankfully the day being a Sunday, D in order to get my mind off the non-happening contractions decided to take us out for a picnic on a lake about 20 miles from where we stay. It felt good to be out after being cooped up inside for most parts..even if it was freezing outside. The picnic was followed by some shopping (my parents needed to buy gifts for family and friends back home) and then home to relax in front of the TV.

All in all a good day spend in the company of people I love..



7 thoughts on “The date

  1. Nice to know that you are expecting your bundle of best wishes to you!!! hugs!


    PS: If you are not expecting one, make sure you expect one. What? You dont want all our wishes to go waste, do you 😉

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