The Big Day

Started working from home the day before my due date..not because I could not go to work..more because people got sick of seeing me..and I got sick of them asking me ‘You still here’. Work was also dwindling down. I had almost completed all my assignments and was not getting any new work assigned to me. There was this one small task left (was super boring if you ask me..that’s why I had left it hanging till the very end), which I worked on when I felt like. The rest of the time I spent replying to emails, tying up loose ends before my 24 weeks maternity leave, with long break talking to my parents. The day after my due date, a Monday, I was done with this task as well, the only thing left was to document what I had done.

I was not very comfortable..was getting practice contractions all day (the non-painful kind) so went for a real long walk with Maa..put my feet up and watched TV..surfed the some of my favorite general spend time doing nothing. By 5:00 I was so frustrated that I vowed to head to work the next day. At the very least I would meet people, talk to them, feel a little productive. D came home from work, took one look at my face and suggested we head out to this Indian place for dinner that I love (they have awesome Makki ki roti with Sarsooin ka saag) but D does not like (the portion size is too small and the place is pricey). Maa Paa were not too keen on eating out so D and I decided to head out. Now D’s office is a 10 mins walk from our place and he generally walks to work and I take the car, but that day he was rushed in the morning to get to a meeting and since I was working from home he took the car. But true to form he walked back. This he realized as soon as we got to the parking lot. He being in ‘don’t trouble Wifey’ mode, plus he having messed up asked me to go back inside, he would get the car and we would head out in 15 mins. And I was all..I don’t want to be cooped inside any more..I want to be out..I can walk..let’s walk to your office. So the trip that would take him 10 mins took us 20, all owing to my snail paced waddle. I had a real good meal after that, where D held his tough in check..did not complain even once which is totally unusual for him at that restaurant 🙂

Once back from the meal D got back to his work, Paa was reading Indian newspaper online, Maa was reading one of her religious books and I was propped up in our bed checking everyone’s Facebook status when I realized the random contractions I had been feeling all day were not random anymore and the pain I felt with each was growing. This was around 10:00 at night. Having read about contractions coming and going without getting regular I decided to not make a big deal about them but did start timing them..hmm..they were regular 12 mins apart. We had been told by Dr T and the hospital staff to come to the hospital when the contractions met the 5-1-1 rule..they had to be 5 mins apart..each contraction had to be 1 min long..and this rhythm had to be going on for 1 even if these were real contractions I had a long way to go before we actually made our way to the hospital.

The contractions did not seem to stop.. they slowly started getting closer together 11 mins..and it hit me I still had that document to write, so I started getting everything together in a hurry. I finally finished around 1:30 and mailed it out to the team. In the mean time I asked D to pack our hospital bag (we had left that till the last-minute). So the baby’s take home clothes was put together with a blanket..her car seat was taken out, not to be PJ were packed and so were my change of clothes. Once done we decided to call it a night and it was lights-out at around 2:00. D was out like a log but sleep was not happening for me..ever intensifying pain can do that to a person..In the end I gave up and headed to the living room for some low volume TV watching and some web surfing..anything to distract me. Alas my mind remained on timing the contractions. Once I got to 7 mins apart, I called the hospital and they very promptly said ‘Come when you get to 5-1-1’ (I guess they deal with so many women about to deliver that they have lost their sympathy bone :(). The only good thing that came out of the phone call (at least for me) was that Maa woke up and realized she was going to be a Nani by the time the day was out (hopefully before the day is out). She sat and gave me company, holding my hand when contractions came (by now they were excruciating).. rub my back..did whatever she could to make me comfortable. Also she would rush to the kitchen in the middle to get some food ready for D when we headed to the hospital (from experience she knew D would have a long day). She did try feeding me as well but I was not up for getting anything inside my body.

Finally at 5:30 I woke D up and said its time..lets head to the hospital..he me a hug..and says ‘Can I take a quick shower’..I was like..’turn around and let me kick you on your back side’. Anyways I let him take his shower while I got dressed. With Maa and Paa standing at the door..amongst loads of wishes and hugs and contraction pain we headed out. Between the four of us we had decided not to take Maa Paa to the hospital with us, as we were not sure how long the labor would be. They would be more comfortable at home where they could than being stuck in the hospital waiting room. D was suppose to go pick them up any time night or day once the baby came.

Anyways 15 mins drive to the hospital..checkin..triage and I was wheeled into the birthing room. I was asked if I want Epidural? When previously asked if I would take Epidural I always said ‘I will try to go all natural as far as I could and would take medication if I could not take the pain any more’, but a chat with a friend who told me she was so tired after all the contractions she bore because of not taking medication she just could not push the baby and had to have an emergency C-section and me having been going through contractions for a little over 10 hours was ready to take epidural the minute the doctors deemed time. I was finally given Epidural around 11:00 in the morning. Ah bliss..No pain..I could still feel the contractions but the edge of the pain was taken away. I fell asleep..would be woken up by the nurses and doctors when required but for most part was left to rest and preserve my energy.

Finally around 7:30 in the evening it was time to push. Lots of time spend..lot of energy spent..and nothing..the little one was not ready to come out. There is a state policy of not letting women push for more than 3-4 hours, so Dr P (Dr. T was out-of-town) at 10:30 P.M. said she would try using a suction cup a couple of times and if baby was not out, I would be wheeled into the OR for a C-section.

End result with me pushing and Dr P pulling, the head came more push and the shoulders came out..with the shoulders out they just pulled on the more work required from me.. Out came a blood covered..screaming baby..weighing 8 pounds plus some odd ounce at a little after 11:00 P.M. at night.

Once everything was given a bath..D rushed to get my parents..and I was left alone (in peace after all the people coming and going through the day, checking this, prodding that) holding my precious little girl..What more can one ask for.. 🙂


16 thoughts on “The Big Day

  1. Not been there, not done that, not seen that. Don’t want to be there, don’t want to do that, don’t want to see that.

    You got courage.
    And patience too.

    What’s epidural? (painkiller I presume?)

    I’m scared. (more than earlier)

    Congratulations! Pictures of the baby please?

    1. Now you know why women blister when called the weaker sex 🙂
      Epidural is a spinal anesthetic given to block pain signals in the lower part of the body.

      Sorry no people pictures on this blog. Am too paranoid. I am still not hundred percent sure on a public blog. Paranoia I tell you 😦

      Thanks for the wishes though..really appreciate them.. 🙂

    1. Thank You Divz.. 🙂
      She has a very traditional, old fashioned Indian name..
      But for most part I call her Buzz Bee or Buzzu..Will write on the reason for the name soon.. 🙂

    1. Thanks IHM for stopping by..
      I want to cherish this time..that’s the reason I started blogging..want to remember details always 🙂
      PS: I had recently discovered your blog about the time I was about to deliver..I remember reading your blog, MM’s and Chandani’s that day. You guys really helped me taking my mind of Thank You..

  2. Hey dear..this was such a great post to read..especially when I could picture myself in your shoes, for the most part.

    You sat down to finish last moment office work during contractions???!! I would recommend a special award just for that 😀

    You took it all so cool..not waking D before it was time, not even waking mom ( she woke up on her own you said). I loved this story! 🙂

    I have the exact same words for Epidural , I thought I would delay it as much possible..but other experienced moms suggests against it ( either have it on time or totally dont!)

    Late, but very hearty Congratulations dearie…I hope I have a normal delivery like you did.

    How’s the little angel doing?

    1. Hey is hoping you do have a normal, non complicated delivery.

      Thanks for the wishes. Buzz is growing bigger every day..and is a lot of fun.. 🙂

      Can’t wait for your little one..I am sure you are really excited. Have fun and we will see you on the other side. 🙂

  3. Uhh u r a superwoman to hv finished office work @ that time 😛

    Ahh I am so scared of this that I want to get thru it like a dream 😛 though I know that bliss wud override it all 😉
    Ur post for once comforted me 😉 No panic .. taking ur time before u woke up others, u r awesome girl 🙂

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