A few days back, Buzz was playing with two sticks. Bugz wanted to play with them as well so Buzz handed over one as she said,

We share Bugz

One minute they were playing together, the next Buzz looked the other way and the little one was off with both the sticks. A chase around the house, lots of screaming, reasoning and crying followed, to no avail. Drama was escalating to an unmanageable level but the scariest part for me was the sticks moving in all directions so I stepped in. I did exactly what Buzz had done to begin with, gave them one stick each and explained that they had to share.

Bugz went in to her stubborn meltdown. Both sticks it had to be. So I shrugged, tough love and all that, only to turn around to Buzz saying,

Here you go, Bugz. Aap dono le lo!

Having witnessed this multiple times in the past, I had to ask Bugz’ favorite question,

Because I don’t want Bugz to cry!

Sigh! Sibling love in our house means one really spoilt little kid and one forever giving elder one.

32 thoughts on “Why

  1. Elder ones are always good .. I can vouch because I am the eldest one and you all know how good I am he he he he 🙂

    awwwwwwww God bless both of them and hey nothing wrong for the younger one to enjoy life when they have a elder sibling looking after them 🙂

      1. Oh ho..i did not say elder one can’t enjoy. . I enjoyed so much..

        I know so much pressure..

        wait I need to meet up with them and the show them how to have fun..yesssssssssss he he he

        The younger one can enjoy a bit more na.. as they have a elder bit /sis to look after them. .

        Samajho. ..☺

  2. It was like that with the sister and I, but I didn’t think that was a big deal because I am 6 years elder to her! Such behaviour was expected of me.

    Buzz and Bugs are only a few yrs apart, so such generosity from Buzzie is so heartwarming. As for Bugz, she seems to be the brat in your family 😀

    1. You were such a nice girl Pepper. Age gap could have made you go the other route in no time 🙂

      Bugz is called Dabang and Pataka in our house for a reason 😀

  3. Exactly same scene in our house. But sometimes the older one loses it and lets the little one cry…and I am ok with that..they are 3 yrs apart..sometimes i see the older one acting 3 yrs younger and the little one behaving 3 hrs older…Fun fun it is…:)

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