Dear little joker

Pulling your hair is no fun. Looking at me with puppy eyes while you cry is no fun either. Holding on with all your strength while I try to pry your fingers open is seriously no fun. So how about we try pulling on the blanket or your t-shirt. I know you can’t control these things just yet but how about we work on it together. Till then let go sweetheart.


PS: The look of confusion on your face was priceless 🙂

42 thoughts on “Dear little joker

  1. WHAT WHAT WHAT!! I go for a week to London and miss out on the posts and you get another angel into the world..whats with you lady! you are God!!!


    I just wrote to you yesterday asking if you were well and now this post *Head spinning now*

    Muah to the little one and Buzz didi

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