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Some days are long..
they go on and on.
The push and the shuffle.
and then you smile. 

Scattered thoughts overtake..
in every word anger bubbles.
Thread of control teeters..
and then you smile.

Nights sleepless stretch on..
day’s work pulls along.
Errands endless grate..
and then you smile.

One little smile to forget the worry..
one tinkle laugh to let it all go.
And I say a little prayer..
may you forever smile your little smile.

Singing Saturday – Sabse peeche hum

– I have a weakness for the male voice when it comes to songs. If a song is sung both by a male and a female 99% of the times I like the male version better.
– I have a weakness for soft, soothing music. That is not to say I don’t like dhinchaak music. I love turning on the volume and tapping my foot along with it. But in my ‘at peace with myself’ time I always tend to gravitate to the soft, soothing kind.
– I have a weakness for songs with pure voice, where musical instruments and beats don’t overpower the soulful voice.

‘Sabse peeche hum’ checks all these boxes for me. Mohit Chauhan’s voice. A guitar, a harmonica and few notes on the piano once in a while. Beautiful.

Terri aankhoin kaa jaado saari duniya pe hei.

Singing Saturday – Sayonara Sayonara

Song as sung by the father-daughter duo

He: Skydiver skydiver kal phir aayega skydiver.
        Ithalata hua balkhata hua..
Her: paachute
He: ..parachute pehen ke aayega skydiver.
       Skydiver skydiver..
Her: aipain
He: ..airplane me aayega skydiver.
        Ithalata hua balkhata hua..
Her: Helmate
He: Helmet pehen ke aayega skydiver.

Need I say more?

Singing Saturday – Aashayein

When there is hope to get something..were there is the dream that is special.
When effort is done over and over..every difficulty is surpassed.
Every storm is sawed open..every destination is snatched.

Not really true all the time in life. But such a soothing thought.

This song to me is full of hope, full of getting where you most want to, full of getting there because you want to get there with everything you have, full of being the best you can be, full of inspiration with a sense of joy.

A dream starts it all. Hope keeps it alive. Persistence moves us closer. Happiness comes from getting there.

Guzree aisi har raat raat..ho khawaaishoin se baat baat..
Lekar suraj se aag aag..gaayeja apna raag raag..
Kuch aisa kar ke dikha..khud khush ho jaaye khuda..
Aashayein khile dil ki..ummeedein hanse dil ki..
Ab mushkil nahein kuch bhi..nahien kuch bhi.

Singing Saturday – Tum ko dekha to

As much as my one fav. song above all else and Buzz’s all time fav. song both are from much as I like the songs of much as I am not too fond of Chitra Sing’s voice which makes up bulk of the songs in Arth and Saath Saath..Arth/Saath Saath wins over Ghar/Masoom as my fav. album from the legendary movie combination albums by HMV.

When the song goes:

Aaj phir dil ne eak tamanaa ki
aaj phir dil ko humne samjhaya

I wonder is there anyone who does no go through this..tamanaa samjhana..bit in their life.

When Jagjit Singh sings:

Tum chale jaaoge to sochenge
hum ne kya khoya, humne kya paya

I look back at my last day in college and see eyes of my junior fill out as these words came through. I remember the subtle way she showed how much she cared, had my eyes brimming up as well.

When I hear:

Hum jise gunguna nahien sakte
waqt ne aisa geet kyoin gaya

I ask that very question..waqt why do you sing such a song?

Singing Saturday – Because you loved me

A song that played non-stop in my room when I first stayed away from home as a 17 year old, through new people..endless ragging..bad food..missing the old life.

A song that I seem to be going back to a lot lately.

I’m everything I am because you loved me.. Love you so very much Maa..Paa..